“A Perfect Oasis of Relaxation” – Swimming Pool


Anyone who is planning to build a swimming pool, to enjoy relaxation in an attractive mood, has a variety of solutions for the wellness area and especially for  the swimming pools.

First, the swimming pools have to inspire the feeling of well being. The desire to have a beautiful and comfortable home, a nest which will offer pleasure and facilities without being forced to look for it “outside” its still trendy.

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In this context, the decor and ambiance are decisive, and the pool must be an important component of the design property. Original and free shapes, are the actual trend. The very flat outlook( the water surface very close to the deck’s) is used to obtain spectacular effects that gives the feeling of the waterfall.


Not only classic shapes, but as well the usual colors are not in trend anymore. It is preferable to use a natural look, reflected by the accessories and furniture.

The “lounge” area, which support large openings to the interior of the house, is a “must” and it is a result from the natural ambiance, comfort and elegance.


For the construction for a swimming pool, should be taken in consideration, several types of architecture, which are completely interrelated. The pool has specific technical requirements, the chosen materials and the maintenance have the be taken in consideration from the designing stage.

The area around the pool, it is the most important exterior area. It is not only where everyone gathers, but has as well a key role in defining the personality and the ambiance style of a swimming pool.




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