Naturalness in Autumnal Tones


The autumnal tones and decorative accessories that reminds of a natural scenery describe a peaceful scene. We recommend a few planning rules to outline an abundance nature inspired decor.


A good coordination of the elements that shape a composition gives you the freedom to impose a specific theme or character.

Particularly soothing and warm, the decors that borrows motifs from nature are very suitable for sleeping. To outline a space equally aesthetic and functional, it should be considered the stylistic unity.


Choose a chromatic palette, which could represent the most harmonious natural scene. Tones of brown, along with copper, faded orange and dusted blue are preferred. You can opt for an unsaturated green or soft tones of mauve or rusty.

For a pleasing visual effect, you can choose gradient models, which display a range intensity of colors. Take into the consideration natural forms, such as the lamp in the picture below, simple, long and thin silhouette of the decorative accessories.


To obtain a room which invites to creativity, add some chic details well chosen which can emphasize the elegance of the space. Play with your creativity by adding a cove lighting mounted in a wall that will direct light direct to the ceiling plane from a cove on one or more sides of a room to provide overall diffuse illumination.


3 thoughts on “Naturalness in Autumnal Tones

  1. These are very great designs. How do I get them in my country.? What procedure do I follow to acquire your designs so that I build my house in my country..?


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