Tips to Create your Home Design


The key in creating a unique exterior design for your home is to identify architectural details and then customize them in a way that reflect your taste and personality.

Most homes today are a blending of styles, but if we can identify and understand some key architectural characteristics, we can zero in on specific design opportunities. Contrast, colors, focal points, exterior surfaces and frames, all can work together to create the exterior you want.


When creating a new exterior design for your home, try to identify the features and elements that stand out for a beautiful home, as blending different styles, colors and textures of exterior cladding products.

Like in every design, there is some rules must be followed for a perfect final outcome.


Symmetry and balance have an important role in achieving a a facade which is pleasant for the eye and is properly designed. The symmetry is an important clue to beauty and that symmetric objects attract attention.


Think of Function

Think about what you want your neighbors and family to see and feel when they arrive at your home. What do you plan your home for? What is the purpose of it?

The exterior of your home have to be reflected the form of the interior design you have chosen. Small/Big Windows, large entrance, etc.- all should be well organized and studied before choosing the right one.


Light It Up

Don’t leave your home in the darkness. Choose lighting which will mimic your home style, as well as explore options are featured for safety, security for your home outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting should be carefully designed with regard to placement, timing, duration, and color. “More lights” is not necessarily “better”. If not designed and installed correctly, unsafe glare can result, reducing the effect of lighting, and may cause accidents and hinder visibility. Lighting that is too bright interferes with the eye ability to adapt to darker areas.


Materials and Textures

High Quality and durable materials, complementary colors, texture, and architectural details should be incorporated in every design.

Of course you want your home to reflect your personal style, but the key of a successful residential project is to assure its compatibility with the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

With a plenty of choices, it is difficult to decide the material which will represent our style, which will be durable and will be perfect for the country we live in…

Between tumbled stone, wood, brick, aluminum, steel, etc. – what we should choose?

In order to avoid costly mistakes, it is always be the best to consult a skilled design architect, which will create based on our dreams, the exterior design for your home you wish.


“Details are not the details. They make the design.”

3 thoughts on “Tips to Create your Home Design

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