Walk On


Walking is the most common mode of green transportation and despite the heat from the weather in the summer, it can be challenging. Our firm developed a project called “The Walkway” and the research objectives were to identify the walkway-usage problems and to find the supporting factors, in order to formulate the design as the solution.

The primary factor for the appropriate walkway design should focus on the pedestrian comfort. The walkway have to be wide enough to accommodate pedestrian behavior, continuous shade to keep pedestrian in thermal comfort zone, a smooth and level pavement and finally rest area to relax and regain strength from exhaustion.


In the past walking had been the primary mode of transportation until the invention of animal cart and later on, motor vehicles.

Since then we have been relying on vehicles which helped bringing us convenience. In the modern days, the increasing in amount of cars and streets has replaced the role of walkway.

As a consequence, pollution, noise, air and dust has escalated and has had an effect on our living environment.


The importance of landscape characteristic plays a major role to walkway, specified by urban planning process, and found out that design of plazas, plantings, and commercial buildings would affect on walking.

Landscape elements are considerate as a main factor for environmental design to encourage walkway usage. However, most of the studies reflect environmental design under the urban context.


Design plays a major role here to create a walkway that has a unique identity but is visually consistent with its surroundings at the same time. Planting and water features are among potential decorating elements to utilize. In addition, proper management of walkway is crucial to maintain its smooth surface and cleanliness.

Eventually, effective design and management could contribute to the development of pedestrians’ awareness in the value of walking and the cultivation of norms in walkway usage which gradually will help reducing the use of the automobile.


Walkways have a considerable visual impact on the landscape and built environment contribute to the attractiveness of the streets and public spaces in our urban areas. It also contributes to healthy lifestyle and reducing dependency of motor vehicles in a safe and accessible manner.


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