Colors of Future


Looking Both Ways

Every year, the Global Aesthetic Center brings together a group of international experts and trend watchers across the globe from different discipline as architecture, textiles, product design, graphic design  to define and establish the major global developments based on the design trends.

From the mood of the moment to the most confident opinion leaders, the trend communicates the best inspiration to use the paint in interior design and architecture.

This year, we found ourselves in a very unique crossroads of time. We can see the advantage both tradition and modern innovation; Digital and modern techniques are here to stay, but we have to look to the past to be able to design for future.

This theme of duality is the driving influence for 2016. Muted and sophisticated palette which centers on soft mid tones shades.

Think coral, not orange; Ochre not yellow and midnight, not blue. A mysterious, yet friendly pallete.

color of year

 Global Aesthetic Center identified a color that connects both Heritage and Future – both in paintings of old masters and in modern design trends.


Gold and gold tones are being used everywhere in the world design, from material at design fairs and graphic design to architecture, fashion, beauty and interior decorating. It creates a tonal effect, a relaxed natural and works beautifully in combination with other colors.


NeoClassic Design composed from Modern Design & Classic Furniture

Heritage & Future


The global brands place a great value on exploring and displaying their history. At the design fairs in Milan and Paris, many companies were showing their timeless along with their future products.


Because heritage lends to authenticity and credibility, provides a sense of longevity and help shape their future.

Translated into a color palette, the reds reflect a rich heritage, but also have a bright contemporary feel that points to the future.


Words & Pictures


Living in an age of saturation, every moment is recorded and posted on social media. The old phrase “the picture paints a thousand words” is now almost misused it, as words-written or spoken- are squeeze in our fast lives.

As a result, the art of traditional oral storytelling is back in fashion, and we are seeing societies devoted to this as well.

In interior design and architecture, the letters can be seen incorporated into the design, as well being completed by images.

The corresponding color uses the blue of ink and grey of graphite in contrast with tones used by smartphones and social media filters.


Dark & Light


For long time, we have been obsessed with light, but for a healthy and restful life, we still need the dark.

One of the key trends for 2016 is the importance of darkness. Research has proven how important is for us to have restful sleep, without the disrupting influence of light.

The Dutch masters of 17th century, showed how their techniques of capturing luster and playing with light was best portrayed in contrast with dark hues.



bedroom 1

THE GRID & Letting Go


The colors of this palette are vivid and playful, yet still held back by the black and white of the grid.

We are increasingly seeing the appeal to go “off grid” in order to find ourselves in the modern world.



REDS with a warm orange tones are back. Easy to live with…

GREENS edge closer to grey…

ORANGE are fruity and inviting to soft tones…

VIOLETS are soft and blue based, giving them a neutral sophistication

BLUES feels aquatic and peaceful with an easy elegance



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