The Charm of Staircase Design


It is known that every house which has a staircase is an attractive feature in terms of interior design. Staircase is a very common form of interest in the design world, which beside the great utility, is a very trendy decor element that should not miss.

A stair design is heavily affected by its function. An entry stairway that handles all up-and-down foot traffic and its placed in a highly visible location is bound to be much more grand than a stairway, as Inverse Group creates stairs which are perfect functionally.


Types of Stairs – Shapes

A stair is a series of steps, each elevated a measured distance, leading from one level of a structure to another. There is two stair categories: Service Stairs or Main Stairs. Stairways are either straight run or winding (circular or elliptical). Any of these can be closed, open or a combination of open and closed.

The straight run stairway is continuous from one floor level to another without landings or turns. It is easiest to build, but long run of 12-16 steps also has the disadvantage of being tiring. It offers no chance for a rest during the ascent.


Winding stairs, also called geometrical are circular or elliptical. They gradually change directions as they ascend from one level to another. These often require curved wall surfaces that are difficult to build.


 An attractive main stairs is a desirable architectural feature in a residence. Stair design and construction has been long considered one of the highest forms of joinery.

Stair Design

Most important in stair design is the mathematical relationship between the riser ( the vertical stair member between two consecutive stair treads) and tread ( horizontal walking surface of a stair).

A main stair should be wide enough to allow two people to pass without contact. Further, it should provide space so furniture can be moved up and down.

Stairs should have a continuous rail along the side for safety and convenience. A handrail is used on open stairways that are constructed with a low partition. In closed stairs, the support rail is called a wall rail. It is attached to wall with special metal brackets.

A complete set of architectural drawings should include detail drawings of main stairs, especially if the design includes any unusual feature.


Open Stairs

Stairs that are open on one of both sides require some type of decorative enclosure and support for a handrail. Typical designs consists of an assembly of parts called a balustrade. The main purpose of balusters is to prevent anyone, children especially, from slipping under the railings and falling to the floor below.


Design It

The first thing you see when you enter in your house is the stairwell. It is very important to choose the type,  style, location from the first stages of the design.  Decide what measures will best fit your shape design. The combination of materials you will use, depending on the advantages of the design selecting from wooden, glass, concrete, steel staircase.


If you are aware of the material, you can take the next step and determine the shape. A normal straight staircase has a traditional style and stable location in the hallway. It brings no surprises and is a little conservative. If you’re a fan of spiral staircases, you probably know that they have no central column.  Spiral staircases or staircases with a spiral shape are very popular in modern staircase. Create architectural interest and the effect of the infinite. The spiral staircase has a central column to which are fixed steps. The railing is adjacent to the stairs.

A very good option for modern staircase is called floating staircase. Glass as a structural element or hidden hooks can create the impression as if floating up the stairs. It is a decision of contemporary design and is very innovative and stylish.


Maybe you have never thought about it, but a staircase is similar to a piece of furniture, it has to harmonize with the whole style of the interior and the finished have a leading role. Or you can choose a clean, minimalist style which can easily fit into many styles of the interior design.

Which one is your favorite?



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