The Story of a Chalet


This beautiful family oasis is a stunning summer holiday destination for its owners and guests. Making the most of this vision, was the primary design consideration, but providing different outdoor environments was also important: on one hand trying to showcase the great outdoors in both cold and hot weather while on the other, providing sheltered and intimate areas.


This home was designed and its under building phase by our team, and it is becoming a true beauty.  We have created a work that shares a commitment to excellence and beauty in all facets. This is one of a kind masterpiece both inside and outside and shares a timeless elegance place with the property.

More chalet than a home, its unbounded design makes the estate a great location for vacation, holidays and family events. Nearly every detail,indoor and out, its infused with contemporary style.


The precision and intricacies of this comprehensive modern design could be only accomplished through the close collaboration of the client, architect, builder and designer, right from the initial blue prints.

The house is composed of three sections: the outdoor area, the guest/entertainment area such as reception and services/private area. The courtyard is facing the sea side which provides sun and a constant breeze. A steel stairway separates two of the main sections.


On main floor an “indoor street” connects the various areas while providing visual surprises as you move from one area to another. The great room/reception is enclosed on both sides by floor-to-ceiling glass walls- one side offering a view to the reception/entertainment area, while the other opens onto a large terrace and swimming pool with breathtaking views.


Moving Through the House

The main entrance is located at the service street side and is protected by the guard room covered creatively with a small landscape and by a small parking area.  The door opens into an entryway with still no hint of what is beyond. Moving beyond the entrance, on the left side is a pantry and on the left starts a circular spectacular steel stairway. Next to it, opens a double-height great room/reception, a soaring space which provides unlimited views.


The upper floors includes private family area such as living room, bedrooms and recreational areas.


The property includes a first floor open roof garden, to lure guests and family outside, not that an extra invitation is needed to enjoy the scenic view and the sea.

It is an extremely beautiful home, and driving towards it one is struck by how the structure is so in keeping with the surrounding land. It is indeed a creation of timeless and beauty- and a perfect match for nature, just outside the door.


Inspiration for Materials

The intrigued palette of the materials used for the exterior design of the house  was inspired due to the locations and the local weather. Features such as travertine marble together with heritage paint providing a dramatic scenery.

Contemporary open spaces and glass walls , crafted with elegant materials and detailing, open up the interior to views of the outdoors in all directions.


How would you comment on the design approach for this contemporary chalet?

Do you believe it blends in with the idea of a cozy retreat?

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