Feminine Shabby Chic

Uniquely Romantic Way of Decorating

Suave and feminine style shabby chic conquer any dreamy lady. This British origin style gathers romantic and vintage elements, gentle colors and pastels.

Shabby Chic Interiors reflects how homes was decorated in the Old English Countryside. The key word for this style is relaxation. It is perfect to use it for family living, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Shabby Chic Sitting Corner

The style express memories from old summer days in the grandma’s house with antique pieces furniture which brings harmony and brilliant atmosphere. It’s a form that mix the historical moments with modern interiors.

The key piece of furniture has a story and a strong individuality, but easily fits into new interior and beside any classic or modern furniture.

Shabby Chic Modern Bedroom

Playing with Pastel Colors

Colors such as blue, gold, pink, green, even though that was made to decorate the room gently shabby chic style. These colors can be applied unevenly to the wall panels and furniture filling the room, so the impression of “unfinished” will also appear in the room.

The “unfinished” feeling can be also presented by a wall brick which is not coated by cement, but painted only with white color.

Shabby Chic Brick Wall

Choose a Floral Pastel & Natural Materials

Fabric floral pastels which is not too big for a dressing table or a chair. Use carpets which will give the impression of a cottage-look.

Shabby Chic Interior Design doesn’t require a big budget. Start by utilizing the old furniture that surrounds you.  One way to make old furniture look more interesting is to repaint antique furniture with white color.

Furniture Decorations

Shabby Chic Entryway

A trademark shabby chic piece of furniture will be perfect to utilize in a space traditionally its not meant for.

Trademark Furniture Piece

Shabby Chic Dinning Room

The combination of crisp, contemporary pendant lighting and chunky horizontal stripes on the walls with the warn and battered dinning chairs is the exemplary shabby chic dinning room perfection.

Shabby Chic Dinning Room

Shabby Chic Bathroom

Refined tiles or whitewashed wood is right what you need to clad such a bathroom, speaking about colors, light ones and pastels are the best choice here.Vintage bathtubs and washbasins, exquisite ruffled curtains instead of usual shower ones, stunning old-fashioned mirrors and cabinets will make a base of your shabby chic bathroom. Adorable chandeliers and candelabras, greenery and big windows will help you to polish the look.

Shabby Chic Bathroom
Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby Chic is a style which will make your home or at least some spaces look and feel more like home than hotel . If you are looking for cozy, warm feeling we recommend this style.

Accessorize each space… Cushions you can sink into, beautiful chandeliers and lamp shades, dressing a dining room table with custom made napkins and silverware holders, decorating your couch with contrasting doilies and, last but not least, using old frames to add character to your walls.

When you’re done, the air inside will feel lighter. Everything will look so clean and comfortable that you will never want to leave your home again.

 “Something unusual that for no one else has is likely to be a great focal point. That thing which means family, something that makes you smile, or a memory from your travels.”



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