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In our days, most of the residences designed contain a mix of contemporary international styles, modern details and personal touches.

The owners wish to live in personalized spaces and will try to get out of the typical usual patterns or styles adopting elements of international inspiration. In addition, combining old and new elements is even a trend. Houses with many glass surfaces, geometries and design architecture with many futuristic elements are just a few examples.


The use of certain material in architecture is determined by the characteristics, needs and type of building, by the climate and even the durability. The choice of one material or another is a public exhibition of the type of of architecture, the philosophy and objectives that the architect wants to carry out.


After decades in which architects have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by new materials such as reinforced concrete, to expand their creativity and constructive opportunities, a more rational use of natural resources is now being demanded.

Currently some construction techniques are being recovered, for example, facilitating cross ventilation or thermal mass and eliminating the need for artificial air conditioning.

The design of this house was based on several premises: family home, easy to maintain and resistant to the inclemencies of the weather. The glass was chosen as a main material and the transparency of glass allows you to enjoy the sunrise from inside without the house obstructing the view.

Glass, an organic material which its transparency is achieved by adding other substances.  It doesn’t provide good acoustic or thermal insulation because it’s quite thin. To achieve these properties double glazing must be installed.

The term ” architectural glass” is used to describe the glass used in construction, both on the interior and exterior of the buildings, including windows and walls. This concept covers reinforced, toughened, and laminated glass which all safe types.



The Stone are characterized by durability, hardness, weight, porosity, color and absorption. Stone on a house facade is always a welcome addition and great way to update your home. Mixing these siding products into your exterior house designs will add elegance and charm.

Whether you want to add a little or a lot of stone, a stone design will increase the value of your home.  Choose a natural house stone exterior as marble or granite and mix it with different cladding textures if you cannot afford to cover the entire facade.

When you add wood siding in a contrasting color your exterior house designs will stand out.



Wood can create a feeling of tranquility when used in the natural surrounds of a garden or outdoor area. Choosing wood as your framing or cladding material will provide your home with structural integrity and provide protection against the elements for generations to come.

Timber cladding has an inbuilt flexibility that provides natural advantages on the sites subject to high winds, extreme climate. It can create a building to suit almost any environment, taste and style.


The choice of materials should take into account the special features of each project, including construction system, the location, the climate of the area or the building program. The choice of one material or other is a public exhibition of the type of architecture, the philosophy and objectives that the architect wants to carry out.

  “Design is the contrast of the core of limitations therefore there are no boundaries. It is simply an interpretation of creativity.” Jenaiha Woods