While Designing a Restaurant

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Entertaiment Area, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

“Eating out has a long story. Taverns existed as early as 1700 BC. The record of a public dining place in ancient Egypt in 572 BC shows a limited menu”.

While dining out has had a long history, the actual place to attend to eat has varied from a tavern to an inn to a restaurant.

It wasn’t until the mid 1700’s that the birth of the restaurant as we know it today took place. In 1765, a Monsieur Boulanger opened an establishment that served what was known as a restorative broth, or soup. He called the soup that he served “le restaurant divin” or “divine restorative,” claiming that his soups would restore the spirit of any
who consumed it.
His restaurant was so successful that he “lost no time enlarging his menu, and thus was this new business born. Soon the word restaurant was established, and chefs of repute who had worked only for private families either opened their own restaurants or were employed by a new group of small businessmen—the restaurateurs”.
Restaurant Messilah, Kuwait
If you are interested to open a restaurant, before designing it, you should consider comfort, style and seating capacity. How many customers you want to have in the dining area at one time? How do you want them to feel?
These factors will determine the layout and design of your front-of-the-house area.
Restaurant Messilah, Kuwait
Setting the Right Tone
The concept design of the dinning area should be based on the emotional tone you want to create. The designs will be very different depending on how you want your customers to feel. After a while, the “feel” of your restaurant will be incorporated into your concept.
For example, a warm, intimate Italian bistro will give a different atmosphere than a casual energetic Italian brasserie.
One of of the most important element of a good interior design, and particularly restaurant interior design is the personality you want to achieve for the place. It’s usually a combination of owner’s personal vibe and the local community. The designer must achieve a combination of personal flavor of the owner and the restaurant concept while consider what will be more appealing to target audience.
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Nature Restaurant, Kuwait
 Functional Space
Space is a huge factor in interior design. An incredibly beautifully designed interior which results in complete dysfunctional daily operation is quite  problematic.
Creating the right effect, the space inside the restaurant must take into account the needs of the kitchen , storage, customer seating and the both employees and customers mobility.
Each restaurant is distinct in the specifics of its needs.
Creating Intimacy
With a small space, the intimacy is already there, so achieving an intimate atmosphere is just a matter of using dark colors, low lighting and private seating layouts. For high ceilings, it is recommended to use lines angled upward to draw the eye up, or hang fabrics, lamps or chandeliers to lower the ceiling.
Shot  (29)
EClub Hawally, Kuwait

Creating Positive Energy

The elements which will contribute to create an atmosphere of excitement:

  • Fabrics
  • High contrast in colors and textures
  • Tables closer together
  • Diverse Lighting
  • Moderate use of mirrors

You can also use an open dinning room, and more crowded layout. You can strategically place mirror to create the illusion of a bigger space and enhance your lighting. A bar that spills into the dinning area will generate as well a good energy.

Shot  (33)
EClub Hawally, Kuwait

Creating Elegance & Comfort

If achieving elegance is your goal, don’t overdue with furniture and decoration. Design elements should be simple and well tied-together. Use sofas, cushioned seating, a spread out table layout to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Shot 08
Nature Restaurant, Kuwait

Waiting Area

With the exception of quick-service or reservation only establishments, all the restaurants should provide a great size waiting area. Many restaurants owners hesitate to incorporate in the design layout a waiting area, considering that it’s a waste of space, however you should keep in mind that when the restaurant is full, the waiting area is needed to accommodate the overflow.

Considering including the following into the area:

  • Newspapers & Information about your restaurant
  • Benches
  • A bar area, so your customers may enjoy it while waiting
EClub Hawally, Kuwait


One of the most important things to consider when designing an interior is the current and future trend of the market. The predictions for the next year are based on the observations about the up and coming trends of restaurant interiors will be.

Things such as upgraded furniture quality, more compact and completely open kitchen areas with more efficient machines.

Some restaurant choosing to be friendly for their customers by incorporating their technology to be used while eating. These establishments are looking to include easier access to outlets and charging stations. In addition, such restaurants will have specifically areas for those who want to put away the technology and enjoy a comfortable silent meal.

All of these trends choices will help influence the interior designer into deciding the style, and the interior design line the client choose to follow.

B 2
Ras al Khaimah UAE
Restaurant Kuwait

The general guidelines will help lead you in your design decisions. Guide your professional designer in the process of the designing and decorating the exterior design of the restaurant to ensure that the design is suitable for the market and supports your restaurant’s concept and branding efforts.

Messilah Restaurant Kuwait

Design is a balance between form & function. It takes two… Seasaw

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