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A Place to Enjoy not just to Live…

Whenever you are traveling, choosing the comfort of a hotel is one of the most important priorities. There will be always something you will like about it.It can be the decor, the furniture, the lighting or the general setting of a specific part of a hotel.

A great, chic hotels will always give the impression of pampering and somehow the idea of feeling like home.

A distinctive hotel concept that will evolve the extended-stay model into a social and modern environment where guests will feel like residents of an upscale luxury property.

If you wish to get the hotel experience in your home, an important feature is to consult an architect and an interior designer.


A Must Have Wonderful Hotel Bedroom

The bed is the center piece of a luxe hotel room. Think of all the hotels you visited- all have matching bedding, pillows and curtains with the decor of the room.

Neutrals are the safest bet for a baseline color palette, but encouraged pops of color can be used in the accessories or by creating a focus wall.


For examples, we suggest painting three walls in one color and then opting for a darker more dramatic hue or wall paper for the forth.

Or, you may accessorize the room by the seasonal decor. You may use pillows and sheets with warm autumn colors as burgundy and deep greens and when spring comes you my change it to white and yellow.


Essentially, the bedroom is one of the rooms you shouldn’t skip it. Sadly, it is the room that most of the homeowners tend to ignore it since guests don’t see it.

Give yourself the gift of well designed bedroom, which always have two side tables and side lamps, for a feng- shui effect, a gorgeous chaise long for relaxation or reading, and a television which is well hidden in a cabinet.


A Spa Bathroom

Moving from the bedroom to the bathroom, you should enter to the same serene and clean luxe experience.

Think of the hotel that you have ever stayed- what amenities did the bathroom have?

Hotels invoke indulgence as soon as through the door, so to create some real impact consider adding a statement bath and an equally eye-catching wallpaper, metallic finishes on baths are particularly on trend at the moment.

The decor you choose also needs ooze hotel charm. Color blocking is very on trend at the moment and looks amazing if you can find the right balance – we love mixing darker colors with pastels to create that perfect brooding sense of romanticism without it feeling overly feminine.



Entry Way

The best hotel you walked into. What what the first thing you saw?

Of course you were surrounded by an amazing lobby that was filled with some exotic flowers, well arranged sitting areas, dim lighting, and fabulous artwork.

Make a good impression for your guests. Statistically, you have 8 seconds at the front door to have to get a favorable emotional response from guests.

To create an illusion of taller ceiling or larger windows, hang curtains from as high as possible.


A distinctive hotel concept is the house that will evolve the stay model into a modern and social environment where owners and guests feel like the residents of an upscale residence community.

A house which will boasts unexpected amnesties and services, including outdoor and indoor social spaces, a Lounge that resembles the living space of today’s home with an adjacent sitting area, as well as other   multi-purpose areas to do everything, or simply do nothing.


Here are a few tips we gathered along the way :

  • Big living spaces, rather than smaller, segmented rooms, are much more welcoming and conducting to entertaining.
  • Get cozy, crisp linen for your bed. White, white, white…
  • Quality versus quantity. A room doesn’t need a lot to be functional and to feel lived in. If you invest in a fewer pieces, you’ll have them for longer time and enjoy them more.
  • Don’t buy art unless its unique. You’ll have it forever if you’ ll love it.
  • Make your bathroom spa-like: real relaxation should be every day, not just when you are in the vacation. Keep materials simple and classic with Eco-friendly fixtures.
  • Bring metallic accents into your home. People don’t realize that metallic is a color too and everyone needs a little bling-bling. Metallics brings  so much life to space.


The key to a glamorous home is a luxurious, laid-back, eclectic vibe. Make the designs your own, be bold in the accessories you choose, and serve your friends drinks and sweets on a fabulous tray.

A hotel-home design concept is all about enjoying  every cm of each space. Is about making your home a welcoming , comfortable and peaceful place.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs


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