How Fashion Sets Interior Design Trends

Alessandra Facchinetti,Tod’s Designer in her living room

Born to be a popular singer and having earned her design stripes at Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci and heading the house that Valentino Garavani created, Alessandra Facchinetti not only opened the door for her home in Milan, but in her capacity as Women’s Creative Director for Tod’s, she has introduced a wonderful and clean slate.



Before joining the Italian Luxury Brand, Alessandra had acquired her beautiful apartment, whose terrace smitten her.

The roof terrace is not particularly large, nor it is blessed with spectacular views, but “It is very rare to find something like this in Milan” she says. “It was exactly what i was looking for, because greenery is something i love and need.”


The furniture was picked carefully from the flea markets and antique stores, and worked with trusted artisans to restore and customize it.

Bookshelves Dinning Room Teeming with Tomes

Each room is filled with an eclectic mix of objects ranging from opulent 18th century cabinets and rustic Italian chairs to sleek Stilnovo lights which were fashionable in Milan in the ’60s.

She was equally obsessed about the choice of materials, colors, and finishes, many of which were the result of her antiquing jaunts.

The battered dark gray vintage men shoes, for examples, inspired the color and the texture of the paint for the living room walls.

Ritratto e casa di Alessandra Facchinetti a Milano


After studying sculpture and architecture at art school of Bergamo, Italy, Facchinetti graduated from the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in Milan. She have been working for Prada for the 1st seven years, but designing mostly for Miu Miu.

The next stage was the four years of work with Tom Ford at Gucci. When Ford left, Facchinetti took over his position but, after enduring a difficult 18 months of corporate politics, left the company.

She soon found herself in a similar situation at Valentino, after becoming the first creative director to succeed its eponymous founder, yet won the support of influential editors for her work there.

Her Tod’s collections have reflected the qualities of the brand’s shoes and bags: elegant yet pragmatic, with a sporty spirit. Drawing on the company’s artisanal heritage, as well as her experience at Valentino, Facchinetti has designed supple leather skirts, shirts, and dresses embellished with sophisticated finishes and intricate laser-cut patterns.


Going back to her apartment, after Alessandra moved in, she did nothing for a few months, leaving the walls white, while thinking what to do with each room.

The layout has been left intact, but the marble and parquet floor have been restored.

Facchinetti loves objects that show their age and refuses to repair a couple of prettily painted but decrepit wooden chairs from the Liguria region of Italy. She was determined to preserve the sofa’s threadbare amethyst-colored velvet, only to concede defeat and track down an identical fabric with which to reupholster it.


There are many examples we can draw from to illustrate this close relationship between fashion and interior design. Fashion designers often site architecture and glamorous interiors as starting points for their collections.

There are fashion designers who have expanded their visions into home lines like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch. Interior designers and decorators in turn often look to fashion for color stories, for patterns.


As Alessandra, there are many fashion designers, that decided to go further and conquer new territories.

Now, isn’t just about the clothes, shoes and handbags, now you can use your favorite fashion designer creations from head to toe and also from roof to the floor of your house!

But at the end, as the outfits we choose, the idea is to achieve a peaceful, very calm and private place.

Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions. ” Coco Chanel”


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