Timeless Decorating Trends

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Designed By Inverse Interiors

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to select the perfect shoes for your outfit. It is same with your home interiors. Knowing you style, helps you choose the right wall, fixtures and furniture. You can beautifully create a cohesive look in your home by blending two or more styles together.

The New Traditional

Designed by Carey Karlan

Forget about dark, stuffy designs of the past. Today’s traditional decor is softer- with a contemporary, even eclectic touch. When everything works together as a whole to create a calm,formal space, the room has traditional styling. Today’s traditional is not your Grandmother’s style. It has evolved to become timeless, elegant and orderly, with classic shapes and unfussy details.

Rooms feature finely crafted furniture in richly stained wood softened by an overstuffed sofa, soft accent pillows and elegant curtains in fabrics like silks, brocades or satin.

Walls in new traditional rooms are usually beige, ivory or cream and often complemented with rich woodworking details, wainscoting or an accent wall in a rich color. Splashes of bold color can also be found in artwork and accessories.
Designed by Inverse Interios

Add traditional touch to your home with:

  • Built-in shelving delivers maximum functionality without sacrificing space, which is ultimately what all rooms hope to achieve.
  • Contemporary seating and artwork add approachable touches to the grand formal dining room.
  • Classic accessories -artwork with a timeless feel, mirrors, grand chandeliers.
  • Items paired in twos for symmetry.
  • Center artwork on the walls or tables.
Designed by Robert Brown

Bohemian Chic

If you love scouring flea markets for vintage finds, and you have interest in assembling jumble items, into a pleasing package, Bohemian Chic may be your style..

Bohemian Chic is a layered look, a combination of new and vintage with a freedom and uniqueness that is all about creating warmth and interest.


It is for people who think outside the box. It’s a design that does not force you to stick to rules like others do.

The bohemian interior design is random and busy, if choosing pieces of furniture which are unique.

They either stand out on their own, or are made to stand out with a creative paint job.


Add to your rooms the style with:

  • Accessories from around the world (aged photos, vintage perfume bottles)
  • Use pops of colors (pink, turquoise, indigo, orange)
  • Add texture with wood, fur and plants
  • Things that sparks like shiny light fixtures


Rustic French

Do you love the old 18th Century French furniture, but also embrace the warmth of exposed brickwork and stone floors?

Rustic French blends elegance, with simplicity to create a cozy interior.


The design focus on the colors of white and wooden element of the home. You can use as well, muted shades and rich details in gold and bronze.

Choose antique furniture and abundant fresh flowers to provide an inviting and comfortable mix that provides balance.




The key lines:

  • Large couch with velvety cushions and pillows
  • Wood framed furniture painted in white or gold
  • Rattan or aluminum frame chairs




Mid Century Modern

Do you love the simplicity of modern art, contemporary patterns and minimalist design?

Mid century modern was the height of fashion from the 1930s to the 1960s, when Scandinavian designers and architects were very influential. There aren’t a lot of rules in mid century modern style, just pared-down forms, minimalist design and seamless flow.

To create a mid century modern interior, choose fresh, fun and contemporary furniture with clean lines and no adornment. Look for lacquered finishes in a mix of woods, geometric and abstract patterns and pop-art inspired accessories.

Mid-century living rooms abound with potential – there are probably more mid-century inspired accessories available for living rooms than any other room! A good mid-century modern coffee table is a fantastic way to make a splash right away, but don’t forget to check out rugs, art prints, floor lamps, and the ever-popular Eames chairs for an authentic look.

If you’re embarking on a design journey to recreate the mid-century look in your bedroom, we recommend finding your favorite mid-century modern fabric for a one-of-a-kind comforter or curtains.

A garage that has been renovated to become a multi-functional space with a guest room, office, lounge, and children’s play area.

What’s great about starting to collect mid-century modern furniture and accessories is the volume of resources both online and in stores. Whether you prefer the legitimate originals at a higher price or just love the look of reproductions, mid-century modern is a design aesthetic that isn’t waning in popularity anytime soon.

Give your home mid century modern flair with:

  • Wall art in pop-art’s primary colors
  • Bare windows or skylights
  • Furniture with clean lines and blond wood
  • Rugs in bold geometric, solid or multicolored shag patterns
  • Modernistic statement lighting



If you are looking for a different and special trend in the interior design, or ready tog give your home an easy upgrade, these styles worth consider it.

All of them, are timeless and always going strong, even though they’ve been always around.



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