Decor Mistakes in Interior Design

Designed By Inverse Interiors

Albert Einstein one said” anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” which is a nice sentiment until you have to live with it.

Whenever it’s a style habit or a design element that didn’t quite went well to your room, sometimes its easy to fall into the trap of common mistakes.

A decor scheme is like a painting. Its all about masses, color scheme, volumes, proportions, and contrast in order to achieve the right balance.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

Without a considered approach to the layering of elements, a space can seem unbalanced-either overbearing or too bland.

If a space has subdued aesthetic, you play with a strong piece of furniture or a strong pattern.

When the space has strong elements, then you accentuate with lower-key accessories.

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Designed By Inverse Interiors

Knowing right from wrong can transform a chaotic space into one that is organized and tranquil, can create a sense of order and balance.

We may be shopping and see something we love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look perfect in our home.

Interior designers understand how color, lighting, room size, scale, and placement , all affect how item look in a room and dictates whether they will make or break a room design.

From unsympathetic restoration to visible clutter, we tackle the biggest offenses.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

When you are trying to create scale and proportion you may mistakenly believe that everything should be the same  size. That is not the case. In fact, it will make your space appear one dimensional.

You want your room to have energy, dimension and interest. You just need to plan your design for the right balance.

Layers are a simple way to personalize your room, add color to a neutral backdrop, introduce texture in your floor or area rug, or add architectural details to your wall or ceiling.

If your room has high ceilings use this space to your advantage and think vertically, not just horizontally for your design.



There is nothing worse that bright overhead lights that make you feel like you are on stage.

We recommend using dimmers and soft white bulbs in very rooms, including bathrooms. Lighting shouldn’t wash down on you. It’s harsh and unflattering.

The key to good lighting is layering it to different heights. Don’t rely only on one kind of light source.

Mix a variety of overhead and floor or table lamps. Warm lighting draw people in and create intimacy.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

Sometimes we tend to arrange the furniture in wrong way. So much wide-open space, pieces plastered to the walls, chairs too far apart.

We believe the answer is simplicity. The guiding principle should be to create intimacy.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

How can you have a good conversation if you have to shout across the room. Imagine the sofa talking to the chair, the chairs talking to one another.


Doing this results in a common interior design mistake – buying everything matchy-matchy results in a home that lacks in character.

How do we add it? Slowly, over time. It can take years to have your home fully complete and fully designed.

Character is built within your interior design by adding that odd chair you found at the flea market or the amazing painting that a street vendor was selling. In time you will find things you love and build your home character.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

A focal point offers a place the eyes to rest and assign a room with function.

The common mistake -forgetting to give to each room a purpose.

Don’t just scatter furnishings about the room- only after finding the purpose of the room, place the furnishings around the focal point.

For example, a fireplace, a gaming, a large painting, or even a coffee table which encourage the guests to sit and converse.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

The biggest mistake you can make is using too many colors and contrasts. The result visually disorienting space that people are not comfortable in.

Limit the colors you use. Experiment with various shades of the same basic color. This can still create interesting and fantastic effects.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

At the end, avoid to create a decor world equivalent of the stiletto heal: Beautiful, but oh, so impractical.

It will ultimately teach you that no matter how good looking something is, if you can’t sit/relax or walk on it, it is not for you.


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