Art Deco Arts

Ritz Carlton Apartment

If you love and  are fascinated by Art Deco Style, you are not alone! Based on streamline geometric forms and metallic color, the Art Deco flourished in France in the early years on 20th Century, following an art nouveau influence.

The 1925 World’s Fair in Paris carried by the “L’exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderne” was a showcase for the exhibition of interior design, objects, and rooms in the new post World War I style.


A number of French designers had already produced design of furniture, lamps, textiles, and various accessories that showed stylistic similarities.

Sharply angled and cubistic forms, the use of aluminium, black lacquer,  and glass, and zig-zag shapes that were thought to relate to electricity and radio and served as symbol of modern design.

By incorporating some of the key elements of this marvelous trend in your interior design, you may achieve unexpected results.

Restaurant Lounge Blanc in Barcelona

Art Deco Movement Into Your Home

Shiny fabrics, subdued lighting and mirrors, adorned interiors with highly fashionable furniture. Inlays and parquet to achieve geometric shapes on furniture and flooring.

Black, white and chrome – a new material at that time, were thought to reflect a new technology, so a monochrome color palette was used across everything.

Today the chevron is still a popular pattern choice for interiors and there has been a recent revival in both monochrome and polished metallics such as brass, gold and copper.


ArtWork and Sculptures

In the 30’s and 40’s the art and entertainment was a huge trend in the home interior design.

Sculptural table lamps, finely detailed furniture, bold oil paintings – needed to create an elegant nod to your Deco Interior.


Egyptian Influences

In 1922 when Howard Carter made the Tutankhamen’s tomb discovery, the world was thrilled and tourists and reporters traveled to the site with hope of getting a chance to witness the treasure which previous had laid untouched for over 3,000 years.

Whilst defining the distinct style, the great designers of the day became enchanted by the rich colors, distinct angular shapes, hieroglyphic characters and mysterious symbols presented by ancient Egypt. These features were unmistakable in Art Deco furniture, art, clothing, jewellery and, most importantly architecture.

Use these Egyptian symbols in your furniture, textiles and when choosing wallpaper and artwork for an Egyptian-inspired Art Deco style.


Add Drama

Rich and bold fabrics will make a space look luxurious. For a dramatic look choose velvet, silk and leather fabrics.
Materials like brass, stainless steel, glass and so on and  don’t worry for mixing up,  just go crazy.
Make sure to add a striking statement piece that will uplift the décor of your entire space.
Untitled design
Great Gatsby Interior Style
Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby Novel, its a delightful journey through 1920 architectural and interior design and its  a timeless story recounting the affluent style .
The geometric shapes, streamlining and clean lines, was founded heavily on the glamorous Hollywood decor.

Baz Lurhman’s film adaption takes Fitzgerald’s basic premise and tacks on modern-day visual elements that symbolize ideas from the story.

He transforms what should be an authentic art deco set into a more decadent version of the times by using globs of crystal chandeliers.

Art Deco with a touch of old Hollywood – shiny, metallic, geometric, ornamental, lace, silk, drama, and contrast.

Metallic Color Scheme and Lighting capture exactly what the 20’s meant:glitz and glamour.

Glitter Art Deco Silver

The cultural similarities between inter war era and now – a fast changing world – helps to use this timeless style for a bold attitude suits or modern living rooms.

The key of using Art Deco is to have a visual reference point, adding interest and surprise – that touch which will lift the design of a room – more than just a comprehensive modern design.



“A beautiful, creative , open minded style which will bring a tremendous significance to any space”

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