Californian Chic

By Inverse Interiors
A notable house should beautifully blend original architectural details, pared down with contemporary furnishings and why not, Californian elements.

Californian style is casual, laid-back, and mostly carefree. Surprisingly sophisticated, and always inviting, the rooms designed in this style are some of our favorites and definitely having an important role in today’s design world.

To help you create a similar boho-luxe aesthetic, we are presenting to you one of our latest project in this style, in which we’ve incorporated  a few key elements to create the  Californian lifestyle.

By Inverse Interiors
Wooden Beams

The dinning area features wooden beams inspiring a charming traditional vibe. The exposed wood beams on the ceiling will instantly warm up the place and provide it with natural and rustic accent.

The beams strongly strike with the off white and pale blue walls and provide this dinning with dramatic and bold appearance.

The room is beautifully decorated with neutral and creamy color scheme, providing the place with charming and outstanding ambiance and loose energy.


Unfinished neutral scheme paired with the matte dark hardware creates a nice contract, adding interest to the space.
Light & Neutral Solid or Porcelain Wood

Wood floors are always right. They are at home in any home. And unlike wall color, tile, carpet, windows, cabinets, or any other home finishing or furnishing choice that is easy to mess up, you can’t miss if you choose wood floors.

Everyone love wood floors because they are elegant, classic, timeless, go with every décor, are always in season, last and are easy to maintain.

“But what should we do when the cost is much higher and we are looking for other option? ”

Choosing porcelain wood-look tiles actually beat out solid wood flooring.

This wow flooring offers a fresh, clean, sleek look that can range from traditional dark brown to washed-out weathered beige.

Tougher than ceramic, porcelain wood tiles come in long, rectangular plank lengths. They won’t scratch, dent, fade or ever need to be refinished. They can last for decades because they’re water resistant. As well, porcelain wood-look flooring costs less than most solid wood flooring.

By Inverse Interiors
Create Balance

Balance graphic statements with softer, more organic patterns. Here, we created a wood custom piece, a bold patterned partition mounted to the ceiling, separating the living  from music area.

By Inverse Interiors
Then we paired it with chic comfortable furniture to soften the look. We also balanced the hard lines with the curved banquette and oval tables.

Trust your Instincts/ The Arts

If you love paintings or any kind of art, break the rules when it come to hanging. It doesn’t always need to be at the eye level centered perfectly over the furniture, or arranged symmetrically. Hang the pieces where it feels right to you.

By Inverse Interiors
Add variety to a gallery designed wall by hanging sculptural objects and use different frames styles and finishes.

By Inverse Interiors

The frame of minimalist living room’s chandelier complements the other wrought elements throughout the space, while the family hanged pictures, plants and bold color pillows evoke a glamorous vibe. Small dosses of color appear in the decor accessories, artwork, and fresh blooms.

However, the key to this area is to maximize the light, by adding a double glass door, leading to the terrace.

The combination of bright walls and dark wooden furniture is chic. Include a unique lighting fixture for some personality.
With an aesthetic that toes the line between rustic/classic and modern and feels at once casually comfortable and incredibly sophisticated, the design displays a beautiful sense of balance one that we know its incredibly hard to achieve and one that understands ” a life well lived.”

By Inverse Interiors

An empty wall, and wondering what you should do with it?

Frame a beautiful piece of furniture, half wall built-in cabinets and why not a musical instrument. Either columns exists or you want to add it as an accent, that wall will create a statement to that area.

We recommend this style for its bright, light textures; for restrained and thoughtful accessorizing;  balanced mixtures of wood, textiles and metals; and its succinct use of patterns.

At the end, we believe that most beautiful rooms are those that possess character, feel personal, and truly reflect their owner.



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