The Kids Room

Designed by Inverse Interiors

When decorating a child’s room, the most important thing to consider is to make the child comfortable. You want to surround them with playful items, with fun. The room is designed is going to have an effect on psyche of the child, so allow room for freedom and imagination.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

While there are many inspiration designs around that allow you to create amazing rooms,  from the nursery to the teen bedroom, the idea of redecorating and redoing the room once every 2-4 years is not very appealing to most of us.

The solution here is to craft a bedroom that grows along with them and stays relevant till the first day of college arrives!

When designing the room, the furniture layout is in an important feature to consider from early stage.

Single or double beds, reading and studying area, smart storage, playing area – all are important elements that have to be studied for a comfortable and playful room.

Designed By Inverse Interiors


Its going to be tough to choose a color palette which will serve your child from baby age to his teens, but think about colors that he or she can adapt when growing older.

Neutral walls will help to define the palette. In this way, choosing a color direction of the room will become easier by adding accessories which will alive the space.


Storage, Storage, Storage

No matter the age of your child, they’re going to need storage. Storage in several layers or levels, closet or drawer storage.

Keep in mind some easy access baskets for every day use for items that need to tucked away each day. Add storage that will be easy for your child to use.

A well organized room, clutter-free, will develop your child’s personality and style.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Multifunctional Furniture

Double-duty furniture is ideal, especially when looking to transition a room from a space that is fit for an infant into one that is ready for a child. Think outside the idea of a standard changing table and purchase a desk or dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat.

Whether you have a small space or just want the room have more empty space, you may want to consider children’s furniture and toys that serve multiple functions.


Add Personality with Accessories

Go big, or go home we say. Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want.

Whether it’s a girls’ room, a boys’ bedroom or nursery, there is some amazing children’s bedroom accessories that let the fun begin…


Decorating children’s bedrooms can be a challenge, considering that the rooms will need to grow and change as they mature.To make sure you don’t end up with a style that your child is going to quickly outgrow, follow a few basic designs:

  • Choose flexible furnishings. Go with a style of furniture that has simple lines. A bed that’s shaped like a race car is great for a 7-year-old, but when he’s 13 it’s going to be time to buy new furniture.                                                                                                        Daybeds and oak wood are wonderful choices in furniture, since they work well with any color and can be used for a child at any age. When buying furniture, remember this tip: The simpler it is, the more flexible it is.


  • Give them room to grow. Children need plenty of space to move, play, store clothes and entertain friends. Give your child a chance to design : A toddler requires lots of floor space for playing, while a teen needs seating for more adult activities such as visiting with friends.
  •  Allow them to be creative and express their own personality by allowing them to choose some of the furnishings and colors in their bedroom. Their private space will become a place that reflects their personality.
Designed by Inverse Interiors


The decoration of a child’s room should be a chance to play, and remember what it was like to be a child yourself. It should also be a way to help build the relationship between you and your child, allowing you to get to know one another better, while creating lasting memories.



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