Live Smart in a Small Space


Whether you have a small house, a studio apartment, or a tiny room in your home that you would like to enhance, there are some basic rules for small room design that can help you make the most of your small space.

Living in what you may consider as a small space definitely can still reflect your high-style attitude. And luckily, there are smart  solutions on how you can think outside the box and maximize the use of your home.


There are lots of ingenious ideas that can transform any shoe-box space into a beautiful space that offers the impression of light and elegance. Even better, by combining the right textures with the right type of furniture, a small space could be both functional and luxurious.

The Furniture

It seems counter intuitive, but small furnishings can actually make a room look smaller. Bonus: Larger pieces help hide unsightly elements, that includes wires and a cable box—that add clutter to a space.

A small space often means letting go of conventional arrangements. You have to be realistic about what will fit and how you live. Take in consideration a minimalist furniture The low back sofa also extends the plane between the furniture and the ceiling.


Multi purpose furniture works very well in small spaces. Furniture that serves many functions is a great way to streamline a room. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage provides a place to stash blankets and books, yet also makes a compact footrest.

Always edit. If one thing comes in, another has to go.



Making the very most of modern interiors is largely dependent on opening spaces up to light. Natural light is paramount to humans perception of space and comfort. Accessibility to it should be given priority.

The key consideration here is orientation. Open up living spaces towards ventilation and light,who recommends orienting living rooms, rather than bedrooms, to valuable northern light. Augment natural light with sufficient general, ambient and task lighting. Remember to take into account the different ways you use the space.


Free Open Space

The greatest luxury in close quarters is free space. Essential seating and flat surfaces may take up floor area, but furniture with coltish legs and svelte forms will help a room feel more expansive. Add definition and intimacy to the dining area while supplementing available natural light and breaking up the long rectangular space.

If you have an open space that combines several areas like a kitchen, living room and dining area, use an open layout that uses strategically placed furniture to divide the space.


Learn to Levitate

Wall-mounted joinery that hovers above the floor and stops short of the ceiling opens up spaces and makes walls visually recede. When you can see the full extent of the floor and the ceiling, a space reads a little larger.

For bathrooms, joinery fitted with mirrored doors – which effectively double the architectural proportions – wall-mounted toilet and frameless shower screen play a part in the optical illusion of extending space, while adding a sense of neatness and symmetry.

Master Bathroom Hero Shot




Dark colors can make even large rooms appear smaller. The lighter the shade is, the more open your space will appear. In small room design, use darker or bolder colors as accent colors only.

Stripes can work well in a small space because they can be used to create the illusion of height or length or consider going monochromatic.


One idea for decorating a small room is to color your feature wall then stick with neutrals elsewhere. Choosing one element that really stands out will help your space feel alive without feeling cramped.

When using patterns in a small space, stick with the ratio of 2:1 – two small-scaled patterns or textures with one sparsely used bold pattern to add interest and pop.



Display is essentially a personal expression of style, so the only true rule is that you love the objects and the way they come together.

There is a fine line between clutter and displaying keepsakes; the difference is in the arrangement. It’s the objects that offer true character, regardless of the size of the space.


We are influenced by the living spaces we create, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Play with modern ideas but always include your personal touch in the design. This is the only way to create a stunning interior that will feel warm and cozy.






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