The Makings of a Classic Mansion

By Inverse Interiors

Those who are following us for quite a while, will remember our latest posts about minimalist architecture. But when it comes to interior design, the industry has mountains to offer to the world.

One of our latest projects witnessed a luxurious makeover with flawless touch of classic style. There is always something about a room decorated in this style that lets you taste the grandeur of a bygone era… that lets you remember those good old times as the classic never goes out of style.

By Inverse Interiors

Classic Interior Design is derived from Greek and Roman design. It does not include any modern elements or current influences. Instead, it is steeped in tradition. In order to distinguish classical design from other types of design, it is important to understand the idea behind a focal point.

Classically designed rooms often contain large focal points. A large fireplace, grand table, or impressive staircase are good examples of focal points that are often used. Once the designer has chosen the focus of a room, all other items within the room are placed in order to enhance the look of the chosen focal point.

The idea behind a classically designed room is to create a sense of perfect symmetry.

The colors that are used in classic interior design are often inspired by Mother Nature. Deep blues, browns, yellow, green, and earth tones such as terracotta are frequently found within classical spaces. In addition, black can be used to outline important items within a room.

By Inverse Interiors

An indoor swimming pool offers the luxury of year-round enjoyment as well as privacy. It also presents an exciting opportunity to create a unique interior space for play, exercise, entertainment—or all three.

This classical beauty is a study in natural color—with a sparkle of color coming from the pool’s and Jacuzzi glass tile interiors.

The antique marble pillars support an aluminum cladding ceiling above the pool that serves as a dramatic view.

A separate, private lounge area gives to the owners a place to call their own while still being able to enjoy the rest of the space, including the magnificent ceiling, wall of glass, and the gorgeous aluminum work found throughout the space.

By Inverse Interiors

Grand arches and pillars evoke thoughts of ancient Roman baths while mosaic tiling  bring ambiance to the elegant relaxation area. These different design elements come together to create the ultimate environment to enjoy the wealth of indulgent delights.

pool 3.JPG
By Inverse Interiors
By Inverse Interiors

No architectural element adds drama quite like a double-height ceiling. High ceilings open up an array of design possibilities, creating the perfect setting for high-impact decor, from grand chandeliers to bold surfaces.

The flooring for the entrance lobby is polished marble. The colors of this marble are creamy white with bronze and gold veins. The walls are a playful match match between marble and aluminum patterns. Timeless elegance was our vision for this entrance.  Our design reflects a contemporary aesthetic but also portrays local tradition and sophistication,” says our designer.

By Inverse Interiors

A classic bedroom is one of the most popular ways to pull a bedroom together. Just because it’s classic doesn’t mean it has to be boring or dull. In fact, by incorporating a few whimsical accents or details, you can make a calm yet interesting place to unwind at the end of each day.

In addition to elegance and sophistication, a traditional bedroom at its very core is classic. You can easily create a timeless, extravagant bedroom by combining period furniture, decor, and accents.

It’s much easier to match the wall color to your furnishings than trying to match your furnishings to your wall color. Take your time and get plenty of paint samples. Keep in mind that the wall color should complement your furnishings rather than trying to match them ‘shade for shade.’

Although many people often use period furniture in a typical traditional style bedroom, adding trendy modern elements will give it some panache and whimsy overall.

By Inverse Interiors

The key to bedroom bliss is to keep your space fresh and relevant by swapping existing colors, textures and finishes with luxurious new additions as your mood varies and the seasons change.

It’s vital to create a foundation that will stand the test of time by opting for strong furniture designs, timeless flooring and a versatile wall color. Once you have the bones of the room, even the most simple and subtle changes from here can give your bedroom a whole new lease of life.


The Senior Interior Designer behind this beautiful work is Eng. Abdallah Fahmy, which is on our board for more than 2 years and bringing huge sources of inspiration in the interior design team.

The idea behind this project was to bring an affinity of mixing styles and textures, yet always thinking how comfortable or practical something is. And of course, you have to always keep beauty and comfort in balance.



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