The Essential Indoor Garden


The history of an indoor garden is a long one, because of man’s symbiotic relationship with with plants and nature. Plant hunters of the past are responsible for the great variety of ornamental plants from around the world now available for any indoor garden.

Glass rooms known as”orangeries,”in which citrus tree were grown, began to appear in country estates in early 17th century in England.

house-plan-with-interior-courtyard-and-rooftop-garden-modern-house-house-rooftop-gardenThe Location. The residential indoor garden should be located where constantly can be experienced by the family. For a small indoor garden, low plants which grow slowly are really suitable as they do not require a lot of space.

Larger plants must be replanted and will require more space for a healthy growth. When choosing the plants for your indoor garden, you need to make sure that they need the same environment and conditions in terms of water, light and temperature.

Planning for a location for an indoor garden in a new building should have same priority as planning for other spaces. Plants are an excellent transition between outside landscaping and and the indoors, a softening element in a large reception, a colorful treatment of stairways or dinning area, and a relaxing element by itself.


The living room is most often chosen as a plant space location because it is generally situated to take advantage of the best natural lighting and because the family members can enjoy the plants with indoor- living area.


 The Design. It may be a challenge when it comes to choosing the right plants. You need to make sure that you have suitable planters and pots for your plants.
If you wanted a more dynamic composition, try to choose plants that differ in size, appearance and leaf shape. Avoid plants that grow too much as you may be experiencing space problems.
Choose plants which can live in any weather and will require minimum care.
If you want to use any colorful flowers to make a few color pops they will be a good accent to the green base.
The concept of indoor garden becomes the primary choice, if decided to use it.
Houses as part of the lifestyle, the past few years still refer to a minimalist style, with a compact minimalist indoor garden, trendy and practical. Minimalist home is considered to reflect a way of life, work, work-paced urban society practical, lightweight, efficient and simple. If the house and indoor garden designed as a harmonious unity, then the residents can obtain energy from her life.
The Trend of 2017
After years of minimalist dominance in hardscaping materials, furniture, and decor, designers are noticing renewed interest in natural materials and a less geometric style. “Rather than clean and modern, a more old-fashioned, a more DIY look it is the trend in the next year. Railway ties, free-form decks, smaller outdoor furniture, and swing seating. are a more authentic and real approach.
A heightened interest in natural, tactile materials like wood and stone for the built elements of a garden is something to be considered. “People are moving away from concrete unless it’s an ultra-modern, minimalist garden.
Color Block. A trend in women’s fashion, color blocking is the use of discrete blocks of colors, and it’s making a splash in outdoor living spaces too.
 “It’s about framing or highlighting a specific plant or area.”
A flash of color on a wall, for instance, can frame a row of potted plants or be the artful backdrop to an outdoor sofa.
And if you don’t have a wall to paint, you can always use a solid-color outdoor rug or porch curtains to create the effect.
Less care, more comfort.
One trend that’s fast becoming a tradition among gardeners is that people want comfortable indoor or outdoor gardens that require less care. That applies to everything from the blooms to the bistro table.
Think about creating the garden in the same way you’re creating indoor spaces: Select outdoor furniture and accessories that will last a long time and allow their colors and textures to coordinate.
“Accessories are a great way to personalize your space and add that final finishing touch. So whether there is a tabletop item or something hanging, it really does give it a finished look.”
Art, in the form of sculpture or mosaics for example, can add personality and flair to a space just as well as a plant. Just make sure it can stand up to the elements.

Some New Lighting Options. At last but not less important is the lighting for your garden. Every homeowner knows how important it is to have your garden properly lit. When choosing the lights for your garden, you should always make sure you go for something trendy. Eco-friendly and sun-powered lights are constantly gaining momentum and these might just be the right option for your garden. Not only that this way you will aid in preserving the nature but you will shrink your energy bill as well. These also come in different colors, which means you can choose whichever fits your garden best. Blue and red solar lights are the most popular choices among homeowners today.





“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” – — Marcus Tullius Cicero


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