What’s new, What’s next?


As we are approaching with quick steps to welcome the new year, we decided it is the time to study what is in and new and if there is anything we should say good bye to in 2017.

Perhaps by predicting the 2017 trends early enough, we can make good investments now.

If you are in a search of the newest color paint scheme, or style of furniture and combination of metals, the trends of 2017 are something to consider.

For those of you who love your homes the way they are, or are still convinced by what is apparently yesterday’s wall color, We say, ‘if you love it, then that’s all that matters’.

This is the time when many interiors companies unveil their palettes and directions, as well as the most exciting prediction of them all: the Color of the Year.

And once again, we are proud to see we are on the same wavelength, as the shades and designs are confirming what we highlighted in our forecasts for S/S 17 and A/W 17/18.


The New Trends You Will Be Loving

Dark Green

If you want to be totally in trend, PANTONE thinks you should paint your home in this elegant color.

Using dark green communicates to sense of peace, balance and harmony. It can rejuvenate and restore because it creates the feeling of being connected to nature.

As we say goodbye to navy and midnight blues, the dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior color.

Used in a feature armchair or cushions and decor items as an accent, it adds depth and can bring in the colors from the outdoors.



While demand for high-tech homes in great locations with plenty of space will remain a constant, the demand for a touch of privacy, and a place to escape without leaving home may become more prevalent.

The rise of this hot trend in home design as something to watch in 2017, and it’s not hard to understand why. In a world where smart phones are always within inches of their owners’ hands,  it seems like a natural progression for buyers to seek out an escape.

In addition to location, technology and space, as we progress into a more and more tech-laden world, the owners will be seeking out a haven where they can truly turn off, unplug, and enjoy their own company.


The Jewel Tones

From citric and amethyst to emerald, sapphire, ruby and more, these shades have a passionate intensity you’ll adore in 2017.

Jewel tones add decadence to your interiors, whether your style is classic, minimalist or bohemian. High in saturation, these hues excel in juxtaposition. These opulent colors are well expressed in your cushions and throws, your lampshades and your vases and decor accents.


Metals, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal will add a dash of sparkle into your home.

“X-ray materials, transparent fabrics, silks and sheers will create a lightness and soft romantic element to this trend, which embodies an optimism for where we have come from and where we are headed.




From the Latin, terra (earth) cotta (cooked or baked), creates cozy and comforting warmth within a space. Much like the color red; the orange base is also said to stimulate appetite. It is therefore the perfect shade for use in dining rooms and restaurants.

It’s clear why Terracotta is trending and why it has come back with such a strong presence. Its distinct color and warmth make it perfect for beautiful decorative pieces. Also, its flexibility means it’s available in many different forms.



Toasted colors are authentic, warm, versatile and have become timeless. And if you feel you want to contrast the sometimes rather feminine touch, terracotta is a great component to offer a stronger, more dramatic and sophisticated look.

There is this desert feeling of earth, storm and sand, all beautifully translated in several ceramics and fashion collections now on the market.


Looking rather beautiful set against crisp white walls or dark tiling, cork walls are quirky, practical, and warm. Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces.

You should not be afraid to use it.  Sustainability and practicality are popping up in home decor all over the place. It is not only a visually compelling choice, but as well it helps to absorb noise and will make for a wonderful addition in any home.


Even its great to be always in trend, at the end of the day, when it comes to our homes, we should choose what is actually making us feel comfortable in our own home.

Follow the advice of William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” your home will be uniquely trendy and ultimately, beautifully.

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