Geometric Elements

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Geometric patterns are not a new trend in interior design, but undoubtedly it made a splash and went through some kind of evolution in the past years.

Geometry is so multifaceted that every detail can be studied for a long time.

The use of geometry in the home presents limitless possibilities. And the geometric elements will look equally good both in retro interiors and in modernist directions.

They are a hot trend, because they are versatile, interesting and suitable for any interior space. Besides being timeless, these shapes give an elegant touch to the modern interior.


There are many ways to introduce geometry in the interior space. You can have black and white color scheme or colorful geometric patterns.


Use wallpaper,  fabric prints, floor rugs they will help you create a stylish living space with symmetry and rhythm.

Geometric patterns are a great way to design stylish accents and add color to your interior.

The Walls

To achieve geometric patterns on your walls, you can apply stickers, drawings with paint or just simple by choosing a suitable wallpaper.


By combining various shapes, values and textures, you can easily alter the effect that is created by  wall tiles. Each pattern gives you the flexibility of choosing the exact abstract form that you wish to generate on the wall of your choice.


The Flooring

  • Rugs
If you’ve got a large, plain floor space, why not fill it with a rug? Rugs are perfect for helping to break up large, impersonal floor areas – particular in open plan homes. They’re also a great way to inject some personality into a room, through the choice of colour and design.
  • Statement Floor
If you’re bored of your current flooring, and you want to introduce an exciting change into your interiors add a statement floor!
This is something that translates perfectly into any lounge, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.
Adding pattern tiles to your floor area will help to add character and interest into the room. One the floor will be so full of charisma, you’ll be able to keep your walls and furnishings fairly plain.

You can personalize your home by adding geometric accessories, fabrics, prints or wall art. The trend is followed by furniture and lighting fixtures designers with simple shapes that can be used in any room.


Designers recommend that geometric accents can be combined beautifully with bright colors or soft color shades. Bright colors add drama to the geometric patterns, while simple stripes and rectangles in deep, rich colors are simple, but have a great visual effect.

Stripes and squares, chevrons and triangles, pyramids and globes look great in modern homes.


Another very attractive option are the stylized leaves or shapes like ovals and circles. Polka dots are another unique accent pattern that will make any modern home interior look cheerful and interesting. Rings and hexagons are also a good modern interior idea, which can be combined with different colors in contemporary of retro interiors.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

2017 Trend

Most of the fashion fabric in 2017 inspired by the elegant geometries, ethnic motifs, precious metals and stones, retro and vintage. This printed patterns are increasingly recede into the background.

So, in 2017 the fashion included linen . Dense linen cloths are not only used as bed linen, but for the manufacture of cushions, curtains and upholstery.

Geometric and ethnic motifs on a white background will give you a feeling of comfort and warmth of Scandinavian, whereas when choosing a monochromatic fabric better guided pastel palette: pale pink, pale blue and soft gray tones.


“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile to you and create fantasy” JUAN MONTOYA

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