A New Challenge – Inverse Group Branch in UAE

Designed by Inverse Group

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch in United Arab Emirates, a new step for our team which we’ve been cooking for a while.

The new branch is bringing together architect professionals, interior designers, and construction engineers.

Our executive director eng. Ahmad Shaltoot, with more than 17 years experience in GCC area, along with our partner Mr. Sultan Seif Samahi will lead the team with their ongoing engagement with the idea of beauty in architecture.
Eng. Ahmad Shaltoot’s vision is to  build new architecture and aesthetics, and we thought we’d post a few of his ideas as a kind of primer for our new inauguration.

Mr. Sultan Seif Samahi (left) and Eng. Ahmad Shaltoot (right)

How would you describe your signature style? As we know, we are living in the era of “iconic building”. How do you feel about this trend and how do you work in a system  to continue to create meaningful architecture?

I believe that architecture needs to be completely connected with its program and site. Incorporating client’s lifestyles & personal preferences is where we begin with the design of every new project. It is the only way to create a truly custom home. 

Establishing a concept for the design, not just selecting a style, is the ideal outcome of this initial process and it is an essential step in the architectural design of any building.

We wish to know that every project we create is unique and its signature is timeless and memorable architectural design.

Designed by Inverse Group

How do you feel about green architecture? Do you think it is important for our future?

The relationship between residential and eco architecture is becoming closer with each passing day. There is an increasing awareness of what is means to waste energy and natural resources.

We are taking the application of solutions for sustainability and energy savings into great consideration and customers demand measures against energies being misused is increasing.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want to be remembered for?

“The ultimate goal of the architect…is to create a paradise. Every house, every product of architecture… should be a fruit of our endeavor to build an earthly paradise for people.” said by Alvar Aalto and I think it is true.

The purpose of architecture is to improve human life and lifestyle. Create timeless, free, joyous spaces for all activities in life. The infinite variety of these spaces can be as varied as life itself and they must be as sensible as nature in deriving from a main idea and flowering into a beautiful entity.
Designed by Inverse Interiors

What are the opportunities and challenges to open a new branch?

As architects, we have the capacity to conceive, visualize and inspire. We wish to be recognized for our ability to translate requirements into solutions that demonstrate higher productivity, enhanced brand value and higher levels of staff and customer satisfaction.

The goal is to bring in every project new sense and technology in every detail.

We decided that it is time to focus on career progression and to transform Inverse Group into an international firm. United Arab Emirates Branch is the 1st one and from there to become universal.

The challenges are always there, but we are sure that with hard work, inspiration and dedication, we can achieve the goal that is on our mind.

Designed by Inverse Group

What advise would you give to young designers starting out today?

Focus and hard work is the first advice I would like to give to the young architects. Everyone that works in the field of architecture knows that it takes quite a high level of commitment and desire to become an architect.

Unless you are really committed to being an architect in the true sense of the word, its a difficult profession and I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody.

Designed by Inverse Group

The idea of a new branch is to be closer to our clients and to accomplish new goals for us as a firm.

From complex to the easiest project, we are here to stay and wishing to bring the aesthetic delight, functional feasibility, and structural creativity.

Designed by Inverse Group

Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design. – Stephen Gardiner

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