Working With An Architect Designer

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Usually, we all have the same question, when planning to build a property and designing a house.

What we should expect from the architect and what is our role in this game?

The job of architect is quite easy, from the architect big picture thinker to the project manager.

Architects usually have the unique ability to envision spaces. Our role is to let them do their job.

They are able to see what’s possible as well as express it. An architect on a house model job is first and foremost a facilitator. But when it comes down to design your house, it’s your project.  To the architects we should give the job to facilitate, provide design guidance, and give you a great space to live.

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Every architect is different, and this makes their work processes differ. However, almost all architects are following the same basic steps. It is up to you if you will engage the architect to work in all the stages of the design and it depends of the scope of work for your particular project.

For example, an architect might only provide a package of conceptual drawings (stopping after step two), whereas others might be contracted to proceed through construction management.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

How To Work/ First Meeting

Every project begins with a conversation. Explain to the architect the scope of your project, what are your goals for budget and timeline, and make sure that your design philosophy seem to align with the architect vision.

It is important to share a vision of good design.   The mission of a good architect is pretty simple; To create great buildings that are sustainable, specific, adaptable and made out of real materials.  When you align well with the architect, the outcome is universally satisfying, we guarantee!

In reverse, ensure that the firm your hire has sufficient expertise in the size and scope of the home design project you are interviewing them for. Ask for references as well as an portfolio to see recent and past projects, with a good experience in similar projects as yours.  Consider hiring an architect that has marries well with you and your family that will live in the home. 

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Digging Into Design

In addition to understand WHAT we need to design, any architect must also consider HOW your home will be positioned on your site. The overall design depends not only on the scope of the project but also how your home fits in the context of the surrounding area.

The characteristics such as views, privacy, topography, site circulation, sun orientation, shading, etc., as well as local zoning regulations and code restrictions must be considered. An architect goes through many variations – sketching, modeling, drawing – to come up with cohesive ideas to present to the client.

Some of the best ideas come out of this process.  Brainstorming among several designers pulls out ideas that create the perfect design.  And starting from the top is the best time to put sustainability into the project.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Entrust Your Architect

Architects are performing many roles when designing your home. While you may only be concerned only how your space will look or only with the aesthetics, beside your requirements,  an architect has to coordinate many disciplines.

From the structural integrity of your home to the comfortability of your home, cooling to electrical and civil engineering – property concerns, architects help pull all these disciplines together while designing. In order to do this, homeowners should have a “give and take” attitude when designing with an architect, and not be rigid in their approach.

Work with your architect with an open mind to come to a design approach that will work for everyone.

Designed by Inverse Interiors
Designed by Inverse Interiors

Architects love to hear your ideas, but at the end of day, trust in their vision as well.

Ask Questions

Whatever you don’t understand, ask questions. Communication early on in the discussions will help your home design project materialize as you had envisioned.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

There is no one-size-fits approach in architecture, all building projects are unique, with each client’s differing requirements, each site’s specific conditions, and so every brief is distinctive.

Selecting an architect to work on your project is an important decision, as you will have a long term working relationship, working towards the right design solution for your project.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

The goal of every project is based on  a collaborative process between client and architect, and the project team, and it can be a very rewarding process to see your aspirations for your project realized in a physical construction.




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