Homes Built To Last

1 (1)Aiming to connect living spaces with dramatic views surrounding the property or a luxury home with green walls and floor to ceiling windows, are a goal for every home.

But what is the key for a timeless and in the same time a cozy family home?

A house is first a home. It’s only an investment only when it’s passed between generations. Of course the next generation has to see the value before it will bother to care about the property.

To last long, a house needs to be useful, adaptable, and most important, loved.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

How long should a house last? It’s a complex question and one that probably doesn’t get asked enough. We’re quick to discuss price and cost per square meter, but we rarely inquire about a home’s shelf life. Will it outlast our children or theirs? The question reaches across all aspects of what and how we build these days.

Yes, it’s a question of materials and construction. We choose the best we can afford, but there’s no life span label attached—just a limited warranty from a manufacturer. New products are enticing, but what of track records and proven performance? And will anyone maintain these materials—new or time-tested—properly?

Designed By Inverse Interiors

But it’s also a question of style and lifestyle. Architects design and clients fund houses they consider beautiful and functional, but will those who come after also find them so? Or will they gut them and remake them to their taste and needs?

Of course, these questions presume we do want our houses to last, fixed in time as they were conceived and built.

Designed By Inverse Architecture Firm

To achieve a timeless home, study beautiful old houses. One of the things old houses do very well is the sense of scale and proportions. They’re really wonderful. When you see new houses that are built in old neighborhoods but don’t seem to fit, it’s often because they didn’t get the scale or proportion right.

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Designed By Inverse Architecture Firm

Choose the sizes of the windows. Windows are the eyes of the home. There is a proportional relationship between the individual sizes of the window panels — it’s called graduated fenestration.

When you see a new house, and you look at it and think, ‘I don’t know why I don’t like it, but I don’t like it,’ it’s often those regulating lines that are off. It’s something today that builders (often) ignore.

Designed By Inverse Architecture Firm

But what are the principles of a timeless design?

  • Make your design timeless

If you didn’t decided yet the function of you property, it is not timeless. Remember, good and timeless design emphasizes the usefulness of your property while keeping away any possible distractions and barriers users could have.

  • A good design is aesthetic

Timeless design include the aesthetic quality and high standard of a property and it is integral to its usefulness because the goal is to be used on a daily basis. It will also have a profound effect on people and their well being, they can even change their habits and behavior. Only well-executed design can be beautiful and truly timeless.

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Designed By Inverse Interiors
  • Environmentally friendly

Every design affect in some degree the environment. It can be either directly or non-directly. This is something we often forget while building any property. Like it or not, everything we do, small or big, have some impact and can also backfire in unpleasant way. A good and timeless design is not only user, but also environment-friendly.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

Being creative might be easier than you think – you don’t need to be able to paint like Michelangelo. The key to a great design is to equip yourself with the right set of questions.

We have always believed in the saying “good design solves problems, but great design inspires.” Great design sets you apart from your competitors; it solves problems and creates a whole new level of user experience.

Designed By Inverse Interiors

 To achieve a home which will last longer than others, make sure you prepare long time before building it, hire a good architect which will advise you in your decisions, and don’t forget to be friendly with the nature. 




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