Innovative Modern Architecture

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Innovative architecture comprises many different styles and designs, with no one set of defining standards.  Visually and aesthetically pleasing, modern architecture places an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines and 90-degree angles.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Any design philosophy is providing to the clients with individual, customized designs that are of a high quality and strong construction. A home is stylish, large and comfortable, with suggestion of luxury design to the space.

However, a spacious home is also flexible and inviting, an ideal design for a family is a design providing comfort.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

The design process starts with the basic requirements of the project; the number of receptions, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, and the connection of the spaces with each other.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

The architect should understand and interpret the client’s vision which was supported with various samples and details of projects. Based on these interpretations, the first step in the schematic design stage is to break with the scheme that will incorporate the vision of the architect and the requirements of the client.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

The trend of many contemporary homes follow sculptural forms like smooth surfaces, shifted volumes, and projecting cantilevers to add some allure.

More and more, however, we are seeing an entirely new formal element: the circular void, overhead shading systems which protects interior rooms from too much sunlight while reducing the need for artificial lighting, as well large, horizontal windows providing interior spaces with ample natural light, and are modernist trademark.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Trends of 2017

For starters, one of the most apparent trends in home design is happening outdoors. Courtyards  both interior and front entry  are in big demand. “Courtyards can literally transport you from a city street to a quiet calm even before entering the home.” With outdoor fireplaces, comfortable seating and even soothing water features, courtyards are a simple but elegant way for home owners to make a great first impression.

Behind the home, more emphasis is also being placed on creating outdoor entertainment areas around resort-style swimming pools. “The backyard itself is becoming more like a resort with cozier seating as well as larger pools with more features  from waterfalls and fountains to in-pool seating and creative water slides.”

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Without exception, the experts are commenting on the strong relationship between current interior trends and how we are viewing changes in the modern world. Social context and trends go hand in hand and as the planet’s future becomes more uncertain, and lifestyles more pressured, we are looking more than ever to ‘home’ and the shelter it provides.

More people are working from home, therefore spending more time there. This is driving a need to feel cocooned from outside pressures and stresses.

We’ll see more people renovating, decorating and beautifying their houses, turning them into homes, rather than just transient living accommodation.

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm
We can’t use the same formula for every client. We aim to create an indoor/outdoor atmosphere that transforms everyday habits for the client that enhances their lifestyle, is aesthetically pleasing, layered and enduring.
By creating an expression of the architecture in its surroundings through a thoughtful process and discovery, we have developed a process to connect with our clients in a new way — we ask what are they trying to address or what do they want to add more of in their lives?
Is it downtime, connection with family and friends?  Sometimes it can be creating new daily habits. Or it might be unplugging from digital life and keeping the teenagers interested, and at home.
Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm
By transforming your built environment, you can enhance your lifestyle and daily living patterns. By blurring the lines and bringing the outdoors in (or the inside out) we can make new life goals.
Having more fresh air, greenery and connection to nature has many wonderful health attributes. The fact that the horizon line and the sky are endless provides an ever expansiveness and opening up of one’s self.
Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm
As favored patterns of design are equally varied from fluid organics to dynamic geometric with an overriding emphasis on simplicity, order, repetition and rhythm. Linear patterns with clean lines and sharp edges are dominant including large-scale designs. Structure is exposed and celebrated.
“Less is more” and “form follows function” are back in style.






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