Furniture Defines Function


What are the essentials furniture in designing a space?

Sometimes we are buying furniture without thinking about the purpose of each piece. Not only is it important, but furniture matters the most when it comes time to design your interior. In fact, it should be the first component for your consideration.


The allocation and division of interior space for the client needs and activities are the first things to consider for space planning.

Space planning involves circulation. Circulation means leaving enough space for human flow.  The best utilization of space, is to place furniture in smart way to allow free movement. This makes the space around furniture as important as its arrangement.

Furniture plays the role of functional and circulatory element in interior design.


Furniture is a major design element. Interior designers use furniture to establish a pleasing sense of order. They engage two- and three-dimensional design to the arrangement of furniture and consider the elements of design such as shape, form, color, and texture.


The Purpose

The first questions to be asked: The space will be used for large and frequent social gatherings or for family only purpose. Every space, based on its purpose require extremely different necessities when it comes to layout and furniture, and only once you’ve established the floor plan can you begin to add the smaller features accessories, floor lighting, end tables etc.

Allowing  the form to follow the rooms function results in a perfect space design.


The Comfort

Another very important item is the comfort brought by the soft furnishings which makes the spaces. Living spaces are an identity of the people occupying them since they reflect their lifestyle, tastes, and character.

Soft furnishings include household textiles and fabrics that are used to enhance the décor such as rugs, throws, bedding, bedroom and bathroom curtains, cushions, quilts, table linens, and even bathroom towels and accessories.

It also includes any piece of furniture, from chairs to huge recliners, that is padded with foam and a cloth of your choice. Furniture can be padded, stuffed and upholstered according to your taste and ethnicity, to give it a soft look.


The Furniture To SKIP

En Suite Bedroom Set

You know, the sets that come with the bed, nightstand, dresser and more. We feel that a set is giving of uninspired choice. You could get a much more interesting room, for a comparable price, with items which are matched correctly.


Mass Produced Pieces

Whether it’s a couch or a faux antique side table from a super store, furniture should have a soul. A room can be just as comfortable and just as functional with antiques. You should view good furniture piece as investments.


Sofa Combos

We admit these sets are quick and easy to pick out, they’re also often bulky and matchy – matchy. Let your personality come out when choosing other pieces to compliment your sofa. It might take more time, but it’ll speak more to your personality.

Kids Furniture

We always advise families to not buy furniture for their children’s room that are styled for children. Instead style it for their interest and hobbies, and add neutral furniture in which your child can grow.


When designing a project, it is most important to plan through to completion.  But, often we see clients stop short of following through with furniture &  accessories because they are either tired of the process or have run short of funds.  The result is an incomplete design.


Furniture, lighting, accessories are important as well as the design of ceiling, walls or flooring.

A perfect interior design will be competed only if furnished and accessorized in correct and creative way. 




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