The 2018 Architecture Trends

Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

As the new year is knocking at our door, we decided it is time to draw a list of the new trends we should watch and take in consideration in the exciting 2018.

As constantly evolving art , architecture is as well as cultural trends  in our society. As such, architects have a tremendous amount of influence, not only on how we perceive our towns and cities now but for future generations too.

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Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Architecture, just as with decorating trends, has its ‘moments’. But unlike the choice of colors used in one’s home, that can be easily changed, structural walls can’t be altered from one year to the next. And as the consumer gets smarter, architectural tricks are passed over in favor of design that has a sense of longevity.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Open Space Living

Open-plan spaces are designed to blur the lines between the different sections of a house and encourage sociability and openness between people in different areas. The objective is to give homes a more friendly, and welcoming feel. Open-plan designs are becoming especially popular with families as a way of mitigating the segregation that usually occurs as children grow older and begin to enjoy their own company.

To avoid an open-plan space looking dull and ‘flat’, the best designs incorporate interior devices that define different zones – playing with the degree of separation between areas, changes in floor level, finish, islands, furniture groupings, slots of daylight and so on. These deliberate layers can scale-up the perception of space as well as creating a more interesting room to be in.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Natural Lighting

Have you ever asked yourself why natural lighting is such an important part of today’s design philosophy?

Does natural light works on human well-being? Why there is a such a primary focus of natural light in architectural design?

“Artificial lighting” is a relatively recent development in architectural technology, and a design element that continues to become more sophisticated.

However, recently the interest in natural lighting has shifted, due to the interest in revisiting the wisdom of older buildings.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Natural lighting is the most visually pleasing and complimentary to both the inside and outside of buildings. Vision is our dominant sense, other aspects of our spaces, such as acoustic features, artwork, and furnishings, also feel better when lighting is good. Natural lighting is so appealing because it is dynamic – for example brightness of light during different times of the day and ‘color’ as it fluctuates with passing clouds.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Integrated Electronics (Smart Home)

Have you asked yourself why smart homes are the future of residential architecture?

Over the last ten years, the electronic devices market has rise with such an astonishing rate that it is impossible to assume what is expecting us next year,

The phenomenon of smart home has all solutions to solve our daily problems.

The term “smart home” is popularly defined as home automation, involving control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, home appliances and communications. They all depend on two fundamental elements: electricity and WiFi.

We actually consider adding data lines to areas of the home such as laundry, bathrooms and kitchen, as new building codes and trends of a luxury home demand.

Designed by Inverse Interiors

Passionate observers are watching developments in the fields of electronics, technology, and manufacturing to try and get some idea of what new possibilities will be open to them by the next year.

Smart homes are the living proof of how do we secretly covet comfort at every stage of our life. As industry innovation meets no end, we can only dream of what might be coming next to make our life easier.

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Designed by Inverse Architecture Firm

Color Trend Forecasting

Pantone Color Institute Trend Forecasting

Pantone Color Institute  revealed what color and design trends we can expect next year, and there seems to be something for just about everyone.

Verdure: Vegetal colors like Celery are combined with berry-infused purples and eggshell blue, symbolic of health, in this palette.

Resourceful: A palette made up of complementary blue and orange colors. This is quite an interesting color combination. “It combines warm and cool tones that you just can’t avoid looking at.”

Playful: Think “Minions.” Bright yellow, lime Popsicle, and all other things fun come together for this color scheme.

Discretion: Playful’s alter ego. Subtle hues such as Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose offer a new sense of strength. “Pink has developed more power than ever before.

Far-fetched: With warm, earthy hues such as Cornsilk Yellow blending with rosy tones, this palette “reaches out and embraces many different cultures.

Intricacy: A palette of neutral metallic (AKA, the “new neutrals”) with accents of dramatic Holly Berry red and yellow Sulfur.

TECH-nique: Bright turquoise, pink and purple colors anchored with Brilliant White and Frosted Almond nod to technology.

Intensity: This is an eclectic mix of colors that evokes a sense of strength, power and sophistication, all balanced with black and gold. (The winner of color of the 2018 year , in our opinion)

Designed by Inverse Interiors

We are excited to see more and new trends in architecture or interior design and the revealing of the the color of year in December.

The future of architecture looks to be a period of creativity, innovation and a step away from the familiar, traditional structures we are used to seeing in our towns and cities. Buildings will reflect and shape society. More than ever, it is important that people get involved to have their say in the construction of the future.

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