Impressions from Maison & Object Exhibition


Our interior design professionals attended this year to the trade fair in Paris dedicated to lifestyle, decoration and design.

Bi-annually this trade brings new trends in furniture, lighting, accessories, materials and decoration.

The french trade it is described as “among 3 most important European events for interior design … a huge collection of innovation and talent all in one place.



With an extremely forward – thinking approach and ability to adapt to the ever – changing needs of the market, that it has retained its premier position of being the sole show to completely bring this entire community together.

Each exhibitor brought same amount of passion, precision and perfection as one in this show of world premieres.


Connecting innovative and exciting pieces with an audience of architects, specifiers and designers, this trade brought inspiration and engaged visitors and experts alike in a unique design experience.

The event also housed a series of brands for lighting installations which were “something to watch”.




The trade aims to explore how eastern and western design philosophies can work together with the 5 types of furniture & lightnings:

  • Contemporary Design
  • Classic & Luxury Design
  • Collective Design
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design
  • Workplace Design

We loved the series of mesmerizing decor sets created with a selection of the best products from ones of the world’s best interior design brands.




For this issue, we choose a great selection of pieces from renowned brands that you definitely should know and take in consideration to purchase them for an amazing combination of pieces for your interior design, as well some of the most sought-after pieces when it comes to mid-century modern lighting fixtures.








If you are looking for iconic pieces designed so far, especially for a mid – century modern style, you will be surprised to learn that certain of the era come into and created wonderful pieces which we will definitely use in our next projects.

Nevertheless, there are countless other marvelous pieces to take in consideration.


As a whole, we enjoyed this multicultural platform of contemporary living with a source of exclusive and forward – looking information to help understand market trends.




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