Inspirational Master Bedroom

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By Inverse Interiors

Bedrooms are often the forgotten rooms in your home because no one else sees it -but its should be exact opposite, as it’s the only space where you get recharged.

Although I’m sure you already have plenty of master bedroom design ideas in mind, before you start decorating the room you must pay attention to the basics. By definition, the master bedroom is usually the largest one in the house but there are also other elements that capture the essence of the concept. It normally includes more than just the basic amenities and it’s up to you to decide what they are.

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By Inverse Interiors

Your home’s master bedroom should feel like an oasis. It should be the relaxing space where you can go to escape the rest of life’s never-ending pressures.

The question is: How do you create a space that feels equally indulgent and functional?

The Glam Bedroom

The reason why we  love this bedroom is due to its refined elegance. The simple color palette makes for a wonderfully calming master bedroom. The classic walls serve as the perfect backdrop for the stunning navy upholstered bed, with its many layers of cushions and throws creating a hotel-like feel. From the beautiful symmetry presented through every aspect of this room, to the many sumptuous textures, this bedroom reflects the perfect marriage of classic style with distinctive contemporary touches.

By Inverse Interiors


In this design, the client and we wanted to mix contemporary luxury living with a dash of golden brass. So, have kept color scheme very neutral, with browns, grey, blush tones and white to create warm and homely atmosphere. 

We dreamed of a very relaxed, yet somewhat tailored appearance, which we feel has been achieved, of many natural textures, the combination of clean lines and luxurious details. 

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By Inverse Interiors

Contemporary Bedroom

When designing a bedroom, it is especially important for us to add some natural elements. Whether that’s in the form of the more standard greenery, planting and wooden floorboards or something a little different like the clever use of plywood for a headboard and refurbishing some old crates for storage.

02 a
By Inverse Interiors

By adding these elements, the room takes on a tranquil and relaxing vibe. Studies have shown this can actually reduce the heart rate and pulse making for a more pleasant environment to rest – perfect for retreating from a busy day.


We were lucky that our client understood our concept for this bedroom, flooded with natural light due to its large windows, and it was the perfect blank canvas. Being a modern build, we worked to build up the textures to avoid the room looking too flat. One of the tricks we like to use in these contemporary developments is running the curtains wall-to-wall; being the full ceiling height, not only does this make the room cozier, but completely opens the room up.

Feature walls are not something we tend to specify, but in this case, the lighting effect behind the bed worked so well to avoid the room appearing too plain.

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By Inverse Interiors

The final piece to finish things off is a large feature mirror, it is so important to upscale such items to make the most of the space.

Minimalist Bedroom

By Inverse Interiors

How about a minimalist bedroom that will wish you sweet dreams? A bedroom that pleases your senses after a long and busy day. A space that is a balm for the soul of its residents, which creates a sense of sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A Zen space with a subtle extravagant touch in the form of a marble night stand which acts as a blank canvas for other features. A focal point in a form of a cozy bed upholstered with a nice, soft fabric enriched with two hanging lights  giving the space an unusual and interesting look.

 Who wouldn’t love to lay down on this bed with a good read? 

Elegant Bedroom

The bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home. That’s why We prefer a warm, soothing color palette that helps you to unwind after a long day. We feel that luxurious bed and lighting complement warmer tones very well and give it a high-end look without compromising the comfort. We like the rest of the decor quite minimalist though so the room doesn’t look too busy.

By Inverse Interiors

Simple and chic is the way to go!

If you ask us what are the key elements you should pay attention to, when designing your bedroom, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • Create a seating area, no matter how small is your bedroom. Your bedroom shouldn’t just be the place where you sleep. Ideally, the space should feel like somewhere you want to spend your chill or  your own time. One easy way to achieve that is by adding a seating area that you can use when you don’t feel like lounging in bed.
  • To give your master bedroom a lasting, stately design, consider investing in a built-in closet-organization system, if you space don’t allow you separate dressing. These can be customized to your space and needs.
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By Inverse Interiors
  • If you kept your bedroom walls very simple, the wall art is vital.  Whenever possible, use wall decor to anchor each of the distinct function areas in your space, such as above the bed, beside some seating and in the dressing space. Then, add other artwork to any walls that feel too blank.
  • In interior design, texture plays a very important role in the way that we perceive how a space feels. For your master bedroom, you’ll want it to feel warm, inviting and cozy, among other positive attributes. You can easily bring a homey feel to the space by using plenty of textiles.
By Inverse Interiors

Come up with an interesting design for your master bedroom, so you can admire it every evening after a very long day.  Add details which will make you feel comfortable and feel home. 

At the end, this is one of the most important place from your home, which will make you feel tired or very fresh every morning. 





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