Top Interior Trends We Love in 2020

Designed by Inverse Group

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the future holds when it comes to interior designing.

In each year we look to give the decoration of our home certain details that will transform it, as well as the seasons, so decorators and designers around the world, show us the trends in decoration that they are imposing in order to beautify our living spaces.

blue is the new grey

Designed by Inverse Group

As we discussed in our previous post Classic Blue Is The Color of 2020, this year is minimalist grey was pushed out by blue.

You can use it beautifully as Accent furniture and fabric pieces. This year accents are going to be in focus, while the rest remains in the background. This does not mean that you get crazy with all that visual clutter – not at all!

In fact, this means that when you furnish your spaces, the actual furniture is selected in shapes and fabrics that maintain a steady background presence while the accent pieces become the focal point of the room!

Vertical Gardens

Living green walls are more popular than ever, interest in plants and biophilic design for modern spaces. We love using moss as an most versatile and compelling design elements to emerge on the interior design market in some time.

These living wall alternatives have all of the splendor of a living green wall but are free from the same irrigation and lighting requirements that are essential to healthy living green walls.

Designed by Inverse Group

“Moss walls can be created in several different design themes such as modern and contemporary. This includes monochromatic colors with just the texture of one or multiple mosses,” says premier design experts. “Another example is Urban Industrial design, which includes interesting textural items such as wood or metal. Really, the best part about moss walls is that they can be customized to fit any size, shape, or experience.”

Designed by Inverse Group


Designed by Inverse Group

Black color brings personality to the room. It is not the first color you jump for, but if used used an accent, it can bring a statement vibe to the space.

People tend to think decorating with black is dark and depressing. But this isn’t the case. The reality is that at least a little bit of black is essential in every room. It’s dramatic, stylish, and provides a grounding effect that is necessary for every interior.

Black can be used in any room, in any style. Whether it’s a sleek and modern couch or geometric patterned rug, or an elegant and feminine built in sink , black can be masculine, feminine, serious, fun, severe, or romantic. It’s all about how you use it.

Designed by Inverse Group

3D Wall Coverings

Designed by Inverse Group

Textures, bright and decorative 3D wall panels bring futuristic vibe to modern interiors and enhancing rooms by adding unusual, stylish pattern.

The panels offers plenty of opportunities to personalize room decorating.

Designed by Inverse Group

Not only patterns, but the depth of carved designs, colors and sizes of motifs make walls look unique. Textured wall panels add a tactile element to any space.


Designed by Inverse Group

Sleek and classy marble has always been a timeless part of our architecture and interior design. But 2020 will feature a whole new take of this iconic material.

Designed by Inverse Group

Instead of conventionally used modern-cut marble, designers are leaning more to even a small vase, table or whole wall, and it will add an impact and timelessness to your home.

Mixed Curved & Straight Lines

Designed by Inverse Group

Another beautiful trend which we’ve been using for interior & exterior design for quite some time, is mixing the curved shapes with straight lines.

This one is a bit challenging as it requires you to think outside the box. You have to think in textures, materials, and furniture format at the same time. From architectural features such as windows to artsy furniture, round contours are easy to emulate in a space.

But balancing them with straight lines is where you’ll have to break the boundaries of your imagination.

Designed by Inverse Group

If using a Moroccan modern exterior or just want to add a curved sofa mix matched with your L shape sofa, this trend will bring a newness to your place.


Designed by Inverse Group

Velvet is a trend used a lot in previous years and is here to stay in 2020. Usually it is used from upholstery to curtains and carpets.

If you’re at all hesitant to get your velvet on, we say start small with an accent, like throw pillows or a chair accent.Of course, if you’re bold enough to have a sofa like the one below—we can’t imagine you’d be shy with velvet.

Mixed Metals

Designed by Inverse Group

We always love textured, layered, eclectic spaces, and mixed metals is an effortless way to make the pieces in your home look like they’ve been collected over the years.

Designed by Inverse Group

Choose a metal you love to be the most prominent finish in your space, then select one or two metal accents to complete the look. If you have a modern living room, choosing a chandelier or vintage piece with silver or gold can add charm and texture. Or if you love the “gold and white” look, add in a chrome table or pendant light for metallic balance.

Warm metals (like gold, brass, and nickel) read as a rich pop of color and texture when placed with cool metals like silver and chrome.

Many people think that matching your finishes is the best way to coordinate your home or kitchen, but in reality this often creates a monochromatic and dated look.

Matte Finish

Designed by Inverse Group

Matte finishes are huge this year. So much so that the home industry is taking notice and adapting their product offerings to meet the matte movement.

Whether you’re interested in updating your kitchen with a lot of statement making matte finishes, or prefer to incorporate this trend in a statement wall for a bedroom, or just few small accent pieces, matte finishes that are taking the industry by storm.

Designed by Inverse Group

The most important to remember is to pick the trend which fit you the most.

Living space should be comfortable and cozy and reflect always your taste.

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