Negative Aura In Your Home

Today we will discuss a thematic which is not really related to architecture and interior design of your home, but more of the spirit of your home.

This post will promote a more spiritual vibe then practical, but we will try to point few ways to clear your home from that negative energy and fill it with happy times.

We tend to spend lots of time in our beautiful homes, love to relax on our coaches and receive guests for our events. However, sometimes, it may feel like there’s nothing but negativity and sadness around. If that’s what you can relate to, here’s a bit of help.

  1. Grow Plants

One of the first things you should do when moving into your home is to buy a ton of plants – big and small. They’re a functional decoration that just so happen to purify the air whilst also adding a relaxing energy to any room.
A variety of plants have been studied for years, showing positive results for lessening indoor air pollution, reducing stress levels, and cleansing and purifying the human energy field.

We love adding plants in our interiors especially in the corners and also on the walls ( moss green wall).

Designed by Inverse Group

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

We think that everyone knows the salt lamp made from Himalayan salt. These lamps release negative ions into the air when lit, which, purifies the air by fighting against positively charged particles that cause you to feel sluggish and stuffy.
Not only do they naturally clear the air of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other air pollutants, but they also emit a beautiful, soothing light source with a natural, orange glow that doesn’t disrupt sleep cycles like fluorescent or blue lights do.

It is so easy to incorporate this beautiful lamp into your interiors. Match it with a few beautiful candles and a vase of fresh flowers and you have the relaxing and beautiful setting.

3. Clean & Declutter

Designed by Inverse Group

Energy has its remnants in old objects and objects that have been kept and not discarded. Depending on the energy type, they may physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually block your path to growth.

Even though you might have an attachment and feel emotional about the old things you’ve held so dear for all these years, you need to let go of all those objects, thoughts, and desires in order to make space for new opportunities.

If these old things give you joy and are positive in their outlook and vibe, you might keep them. If not, let them go and pass them on for your own good and well-being.

Try to keep on tables only few items which are really important, and set up clean lines accessories no matter the style of your interior.

4. Candles and Burn Incense

You may have heard of this practice before, and beside that it makes your home smelling great, has been used as a cleansing ritual for centuries. You can either use a candle, or a few sticks for the strongest effect.

The best are sandalwood, rose, lavender, frankincense and patchouli for a more romantic vibe, and sweet grass and sage for more deep cleaning.

Make sure the smoke from the burning candle or sticks really permeates each room, and think positive thoughts while burning.

5. Music Sound

Even it may sound strange and unreal but music sound has a really good energy clearing technique especially the sounds at a specific frequencies.

You can find many channels on the Youtube focused for this specific area.

While there’s no actual science to support the effectiveness of this one, consider this, your mood instantly changes after you hear a nice song or soothing music, and that’s exactly how it works!

In interior design , if you have a built-in sound system, it is a really good tool to lift every day your mood.

Designed by Inverse Group

6. Open Your Windows

Even everyone knows we are a great support for contemporary modern design, where we promote huge windows, still many prefer other styles of architecture or even small dimensions windows.

Sometimes a space can feel dark and gloomy because we are not letting in enough light and air. A simple fix? Open up a few windows! Nothing can compare to the natural glow of sunlight and the swirl of fresh air as it flows throughout your home.

Energy really is everything and you hold so much power in your own unique energy vibe. 

You should be cleansing your home energy on a consistency schedule using the energy clearing technique that works best for you. You should also start paying attention to the energy and vibes you pick up off others and begin to work with energy in a way that benefits you. In return, your life will improve and you will be more at peace and positive.

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