Bold and Amazing: Luxury Homes

Designed by Inverse Group

The word ‘luxury’ can have quite a tricky of meaning behind it, with each person’s understanding of what constitutes something as luxurious being specific to their own tastes.

The problem is when we fall in the trap of excess and there is a display of wealth and grandeur equate a lavish lifestyle, which not necessarily means “luxurious”.

For any architect, our target is to find our client’s personal understanding of luxury, and only then we can define something is subtle and sophisticated. But , you will ask us, how can lavish elegance be met with the warmth and coziness necessary for a family home?

How can opulence be moderated yet still be desirable?

Designed by Inverse Group

A home that has been recently built or newly refurbished with top quality premium materials, finishes and design features often shows that it is a luxurious home.

Some amenities that are common components in creating a luxury home are Marble, hardwood, wood cladding, crystal, and top quality appliances.

Great interior finishes plays a great role but the exterior and its surrounding grounds as landscaping makes a home luxurious.

Today we would like to discuss what are the key elements that will make a home “home” and luxurious in same time.

Bring the inside out

Designed by Inverse Group

This is one of today’s luxury trends.

Either you choose a great landscaping with all features or just a small sitting, still will take your home to another level.

Designed by Inverse Group

Blending the outdoor and indoor living spaces, offers an excellent opportunity to create amazing exterior spaces without any limits.

Either you use it for entertainment or just choosing a cozy oasis for yourself, its a great addition for any home.

floor plans

Designed by Inverse Group

A luxury home is rarely restrictive in size. It will have a wide stunningly- designing staircase, and great wide entrance. Nowadays, contemporary homes are very trendy, as it gives us the opportunity to create open floor plans.

Designed by Inverse Group

Great rooms that stitch together living, dining and kitchen spaces have been around for several decades, and not only the size or purpose of the room matters, but as well the quality fixtures, flooring and furniture.

An open floor plan is great to be used by your family and your guests in the same time.

lavish bathroom

Designed by Inverse Group

Luxury Bathroom is a great antidote to the hectic modern life.

It includes spa-worthy features, as well beauty, comfort and innovative functionality.

Long tub, huge mirrors, soothing light, and amazing wall design should be there.

With solid hues and walls producing a relaxing setting, the bath spouts and chrome taps help tie together the look of a lavish, calming bathroom.

 “The basic idea of a wet room doesn’t necessary add cost because you can put in one zone a separate bath, shower and steam. For a great effect add LED lights, which are used for various effects”.

Designed by Inverse Group


Smart systems and home security are very important features if wanting a luxurious homes. The drapes, air conditioning systems, lights and gadgets are operable via smartphone apps as so are the music and security systems.

Designed by Inverse Group

 Home security is one of the extraordinary elements of the modern luxury home.

Most homes go beyond the simple alarm system and install monitored systems linked to 24/7 security professional.

These systems can speed up the process of notifying authorities in the event of flooding, fire, and break-in. Also, they help reduce the incidence of false alarms.

Designed by Inverse Group

Smart Home is an outfitted with cutting-edge network connect system, equipment and appliances that can remotely and automatically be controlled.

Some of the smart tech features in luxury homes today include motion sensor lighting, internet-connected security cameras, thermostats that adjust automatically, and curtains that open and close at sunrise or sunset.

Convenience is what makes smart home features a must for luxury living. When choosing a smart home, you can add or remove the features you need personally in your life.

Designed by Inverse Group

luxury kitchens and most wanted dressing

Designed by Inverse Group

Kitchen and dressing plays a very important role in every home, but having them separately, this is what makes it luxurious.

Designed by Inverse Group

Of course,the kitchen should have uniquely-designed function and be an attractive space, with large counter tops, and latest appliances, fittings and finishes. Smart system drawers and walk-in pantries are all part and parcel of having a luxury kitchen.

Designed by Inverse Group

The dressing room is an extension of the bedroom.

A high priority for luxury homes is to provide owners a place to store and display high-end garments.

A walk-in closet with proper designed lighting, mirrors and racks to display purses and shoes is a must-have.

Designed by Inverse Group

Perhaps the interior design of the home is the aspect that is most significant in maintaining a luxurious yet tactful style, filled with clean shapes and an elegant use of space rather than overloading with ornate and unnecessary decoration.

Even if your budget don’t allow extreme features, still clean contemporary shapes , quality finishes and great few smart elements can give your home that feeling of ” luxury”.

Designed by Inverse Group

The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.

Jeff Lincoln

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